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Will be in SLC from 3/7 - 3/14

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Well, it's time for our annual family ski-ride trip, and so we'll be in the SLC area all of next week.  Overall, there're about 10 or so going with only 2 skiers amongst the bunch ... me and 1 other.  We're staying at The Canyons, and will probably ski:


  • Canyons on Sunday
  • Brighton on Monday
  • Powder Mtn or Snow Basin on Tuesday
  • Solitude Wednesday
  • Thursday ... take off
  • Friday ... don't know, but probably a repeat at one of the above
  • Saturday ... come home


This is our 4th trip to Utah and conditions look to be really fine ... can't hardly wait!

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Sounds like an awesome trip.


My wife and I are heading out to Utah for our first time on 3/19/09. Based on what people have been suggesting, we are probably going to hit Snowbird and Brighton.


Have fune and let me know how it goes!

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Sounds like a fantastic trip!  Try to get to Snowbird or Alta one of the days during the week.  You won't be disappointed.

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I agree with Alta....I was there last week for the first time. I loved it so much I went back the next day instead of trying Powder Mountain. It is just a GREAT ski mountain with terrain suitable for anyone.

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Thanks for the comments.  I agree with most, except on skiing the "Bird".  I realize it's sheer apostasy to dis the "Bird", but it's on of my least favorite places to ski.  It's just not a mountain I consider a fun place to ski.  Last trip we were there, I should have spent more time up in Mineral Basin, but got separated and spent most of the day trying to find my kids. 


On the other hand, there's Powder mountain ... tons of medium degree slopes with untracked lines, no crowds whatsoever, unpretentious ... it's my kinda place.


I'll be sure to post the trip report when we get back.

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I'll be out there with my family during the same time period.  Praying for fresh snow!

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Staying at Alta, skiing March 9, 10, 11, 12 with my two brothers-in-law.  We may hit Snowbird one of those days.

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Dorm57, I just got back from five days in the Park City area. It was a lot of fun, but not what I expected. There has been very little snow fall in the last couple weeks and it has been very warm. Was in the mid to high 40's on Monda yand Tuesday, my last two days. This made for some splendid spring skiing but certainly not the Utah powder experience I was looking for. Spent four of the five days at Deer Valley and one at Canyons. The grooming at DV was impecable and made for a much better experinece than the day at Canyons. The best skiing of all was in the Daly Bowl and chutes at DV. The strong (50+ mph) winds blew a fair amount of snow into the bowl. It is a very challenging area but quite manageable with the soft conditions if you are not spooked by a little drop in. I would suggest that you keep close track of the local conditions. Alta was closed, I was told, earlier this week because of the hgh winds. I had dinner at a lodge in Solitude. Looked like they had much more snow than the PC area. And I was told that no one was there - like two people staying in the local lodge. Have to say that the ski traffic got progressively lighter as the days passed. No more than a few hundred cars in the Canyons pkg lot on Monday. An area rep told me business was off 60%, and it looked it. My last day (Tues) at DV was very light as well. As long as there has been no rain/freeze, you should be treated to some wonderful sping conditions. But pick your mountains wisely because I think you will find conditions are resort dependent. Again, DV is highly recommended (make sure to get the turkey chili...mmmm....). Have a great trip.



PS: Forget everything I just wrote. Just checked local conditons. Snow. Snow. Snow. You lucky dog....

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I don't go to the PC resorts anymore because the snow conditions are a lot riskier than the LCC/BCC resorts.  When it's good, it's good, but when it's marginal or sketchy, you're better off in LCC/BCC by a long shot.  A 1600-2000 feet difference in base elevation makes a big difference.


I know it comes as a surprise to many, but in my experience, there's about a 20-30% chance of hitting fresh powder during one-week trips to resorts in the SLC area.  That means the rest of the time you're dealing with either a high pressure snowpack or some other conditions (which can vary wildly).  That said, I've never had a bad day out there!  Just check the forecast before you depart and pack skis/clothing accordingly.

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I would only add that bear in mind this time of year lower resorts (like Canyons and Powmow) will have warmer conditions (esp at the bottom) moreso than some of the others.  Unless there is really cold air, which could happen.  But then you might want things to soften up if there's been a freeze/thaw also.


Snowbird - ya it's kind of not a place to mess around with in some ways.  That's good and bad.  I could see having an issue with kids - easy to lose em!  Alta you could always put em over in Albion side and they'd be fine.

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Can anyone give an update on the snow conditions up in Eden ... particularly Powder Mtn?  We'd like to grab some turns there on Tuesday but don't want to make the 1-1/2 hour drive to ski in mashed taters. 


Looks like the resorts got some fresh between Thursday and Friday, so hopefully the conditions will be nice for us.

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Pow Mow didn't get as much out of this last storm as the other areas.  I was going to fly out for the weekend, until this storm fizzled.  There is another system coming thru Sunday night and then unsettled after that, so you should be fine.


I wouldn't be so set on your schedule, check out the report, then decide.  Pow Mow can be good days after a storm if temps stay low. Also the access road is steep, if you don't have 4wd, you don't want to be driving up there during a storm.  There is a shuttle lot at the bottom of the hill.

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The weather says the mountains north of I-80 may get 12-18 inches bewteen 2-nite and 2-morrow so Pow Mow or Snowbasin should be smokin Tuesday and Wednesday if that happens. I was crying as I left yesterday morning.


I was at Pow Mow past Wednesday they gave everyone vouchers cause of the wind. Was hard and icy not sure what they got out of the Wednesday night storm I was at Alta my last two days.


From what I saw Pow Mow is an awesome place if they get snow though.


Did I read the original post right? Thursday "take off". Say what, LOL!!!!!!!!You may wanna rethink that!

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It's looking like a possible 18-30" from tonight through Tuesday for  LCC.  I'm at Alta right now, and there is an ominous line of clouds moving in -- I think this is the cold front with the snow not far behind.

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Skier219 keep me updated. My suitcase isn't even unpacked. If it looks good for this coming weekend/next week I am heading back out Friday or Sat.


Have fun the next few days sounds like it will be awesome!!!!!

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Today was off the charts -- snowed hard all day, 2-3" per hour at times.  By the end of the day, knee to thigh deep was the norm.  Calling for another 10-12" overnight (but I bet it will be more than that).   

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Man! Think there will be any left starting Sunday? My guess is it will be chewed up pretty good but with that much if it stays cool it should be worth a trip out next week I would think. I have a voucher for Pow Mow from last Wednesday when da wind blowed I bet there will be some stashes there still.


I think I'll be going back Saturday for another week if I can rearrange some stuff.

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I heard another storm system will be moving through on Saturday night into Sunday.  Too far out for an accurate snow forecast right now.


The mountains will be warming up into the 40s by mid next week.  I think conditions ought to remain excellent through Monday.



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