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Weird Pressure Points

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I just got new boots (Nordica Speed Machines) with custom beds.  They are pretty comfortable but I have two pressure points that I can't figure out.  1) The bottom part of my right achilles on the outside (right side of right achilles) get really sore and inflamed.  2) The top of my left boot seems to press down on my big toe joint (right near the bottom buckles).  Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated!

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have you skied in the boots a few days?

are the pressure points getting better or worse over a few days?


have you asked the boot fitter who helped you with buying the boots in the first place?

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There usually is not anything special to figure out.  The point of pain is usually where there is excess pressure.  It sounds as if you could use some room above your toes and in the achilles area.  These are definitley not uncommon grinds.


I agree with Mtnlion that if you have only skied the boot once or twice you may get the toe room problem solved as the liner packs out for another day or two.  Have you removed the liner to make certain it is straight and there are no folds in the toe area?



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