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Night skiing at Brighton

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How's the night skiing at Brighton?  Is it worth it to purchase 9am-9pm pass?



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If you are going to be there all day, I highly doubt that you'll really want to continue into the night, but if you are really hardcore, maybe!


When I work in SLC, I have gone up and skied Brighton at night rather than sitting in a hotel room and watching TV.  After my last visit, I'm rethinking my decision....  I might go to the bar next time. 


The terrain that Brighton has open at night is really flat, everything is groomed and bordering on what western skiers call "ice?"  This season, I was there the day after back to back 12" powder days and it was still hardpacked everywhere.  The place is completely overrun with snowboarders and beginner skiers.  It borders on dangerous.


I've never been there during the day, but it looks like it has some great terrain.  If you like terrain parks, you might find some value in it at night. 

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Exactly.  I was just trying to explain the brand of suckiness.

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Night skiing may suck, but I had a great time skiing at Brighton during the day.  Yes, there were lots of snowboarders, but they pretty much stuck to the center of the mountain where all of the terrain parks and groomers were.


We skied mostly on the lookers left portion of the area, right against the resort boundary and it was great skiing!  You need to traverse out pretty far on a trail that's pretty flat so it keeps the snowboarders away and leaves lots of good snow for us skiers.

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We skied there at night a couple of years ago, and it was the COLDEST I have ever been.  The wind was blowing so hard at the top of the Crest Express Chair that the snow was stinging your face and any exposed area ... YEEEOOOWWW!


To ski there at night is definitely for the hard core!!

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