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Popping some air: How do you ski jumps?

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Hello everyone, After a few years of skiing I'm interested in going on jumps more than usual. On the trail I hit whatever bump/jump I find. I recently got a pass to go into our local mountains terrain park and I had one lesson with an instructor. I've only gone off medium sized jumps but here is what I do know.


- On jumps in the terrain park, there is no need to push off (jump) off the jump, just a simple push. This id to maintain better balance.


-If you get bored with a smaller jump, don't go faster on that jump because you won't land in the landing zone, rather move up to the next jump.


-Keep your shoulders from going up, and preferably ski without poles while in the terrain park.


- For small on piste bumps and jumps push off with you're legs and absorb the impact with your legs by bending them.


- don't go on a jump that makes you land uphill


Anyway, I've done some jumps, I can do the simple grab and what have you, but I want to be able to go off the bigger jumps and eventually do tricks such as 180's, 360's and all that fun stuff. Obviously I want to be careful because the bigger jumps are bad mojo if you don't know what you're doing. I no longer have an instructor but plan on it next year. I was wondering what you guys can suggest. 





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You've already learned a lot. Before you tackle bigger jumps, scope them out. Remember ATML = Approach, Takeoff, Manuever and Landing. Break down each jump into those 4 pieces and then plan each piece. Approaching jumps with a plan helps you to think positively.


Watch others goping over the jump to gauge what the approach speed should be for the desired landing zone. On the small jumps make sure you've got the ability to confidently control your take offs so that you don't get tossed into the back seat or tipped to the side. Larger jumps, with more air time, will punish smaller mistakes. As you work your way up to larger jumps, look for options to make larger jumps smaller (e.g. by landing them to the side). That way you can get a good feel for the ramp and then go longer just by changing your line.

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Alright, I'll slowly work my way up, but i'll probably get an instructor to get me on the big jump at our mountain.

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The biggest thing I can add to this is that practice makes perfect.


If you're trying to jump for the first time, pick a single small jump and hit it repeatedly.  It's even a good idea to "hike" the jump, instead of taking the lift, so that you can focus on a single feature.


Once you're comfortable in the air, spend a lot of time jumping one size of jump before moving up to the next one.


If you're not sure of the speed, find a friend who is *really* comfortable on that jump and simply follow them over (but make sure they know you're doing this and that both of you are confident that the leader isn't going to crash).


Always, Always, ALWAYS, try to land on the downhill slope of the landing.  If you're planning to land on the flat portion of the jump, you need to find a smaller jump.

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