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Finding the right ski...

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I need some advice about picking a ski. This is my first year skiing, and I've spent most of my time on a pair of Rossignol Cobras I bought at a thrift store. They're great skis, but I've had more fun on fatter skis. Now, it's time to buy a new pair, and I have questions. I would appreciate any advice anyone cares to offer.

The Cobra is a thin (68 mm), stiff ski, that is good on hard snow. I'm a big, heavy guy (6'1", 230 lbs.), and I tend to bury the downhill ski on the bottom of my turns. Naturally, I've found that fatter skis hold me up better. I've skied the Rossi B2 and XXX, the Volkl Explosiv, and the Monster Head i75. I like both Rossis, and I like the fatter XXX better than the B2. I didn't like the Head at all (I also skied a low end Head, which I also didn't like). The Volkl was my favorite ski of them all (it was the 180, with the 95 mm waist). I was skiing at Whitewater, BC, and it was pretty powdery, so that was the perfect ski for the conditions, and it really impressed me. Great ski. I'll definitely have a pair someday.

I've also had a great time on the Bandit B2, at Lake Louise, and the Bandit XXX, at Whitewater, as well as enjoying my Cobras. Rossi seems to make great skis as well, a ski that is well suited to the Canadian Rockies.

I'll ski again this weekend, and I'm going to rent a pair of Volkl 7 24 AX4s; that looks like a fun ski. It has a 83 mm waist, so it should hold me up very well. If it's as nice as the Explosiv, I'll be hard pressed not to buy it.

Any advice on this subject? How does the B2 or the XX ski, in comparison to the 7 24? What are the "sweet spots" of them like? Are there any differences in how you would ski one versus the other? Are there any other skis that I should try out before making a choice? I could also ski a Salomon and a Dynastar this weekend. Can anybody strongly recommend a ski?

This skiing stuff is great. I've had more fun this winter than I've ever had. I should have taken up skiing years ago.
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Welcome to EpicSki ...and to "This skiing stuff"!

Try posting your query in the gear section of the forum ...you'll get more responses there! Plus, there are lots of reviews already there that you can read to get ideas on what ski's you might like. You're on the right track though ...demo, demo, demo till you find what you like.

Good luck,

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I recently skied the Volkl Explosiv and G4 (think AX4) at Alta. I believe those are about as good they get for soft snow and big guys. In addition to the AX4 I would suggest skiing on the widest of the Dynastar Intuitiv line. Note that the AX4 will be redesigned next season, the Explosiv will be slightly changed and the Intuitiv line will be replaced or augmented with the Legend line. So, if you decide on one of those skis you will probably get a good deal on them if you can find them.

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Volant Gold V2 Freeride Ski Try On Ebay Canada

I searched long and decided this is the best ski for me.I got it.Lech guy told me.Then old ski freak told me.Then I ended up at it.Then I found out it is the flagship model.Then I saw it used in Verbier.Take ROSSIGNOL FREERIDE BINDINGS I think POWER smt from 50 to 120 KG.:
on ebay canada at cupolos only 170 canadian dollars store price with binding ca 1500 or more.:
TRY MINIMUM BINDING STRENGTH TO START WITH AS YOU ARE NOVICE.GO GREEN BLUE RED SLOWLY. 10 min on new ski more dnager than 3 month skiing on what you know.Like you are on new iceskates - whadoum or crack !


Bernhard Franz
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These ski are technically maybe the best ever made.Now if you buy them try on a green or go to hospital ( I tried and need surgery see www.pisthors.com top stories danger , crevasse ) .This ski has the surface of a SNOWBOARD.I mean it is like very sure from the ski you come from you will break your knee if you go to this if you donĀ“t take a teacher or try on a green then blue very very slow you can break your knee here going 5 mph no problem start slow ski long , see you Bernhard Franz
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