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Need help, looking into buy new skis.

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I know you guys are probably getting sick of these threads but I just recently broke my skis and have to buy new ones. I am 17, 5'11 and 140 pounds. i would say that i am an advanced skier, very good at carving and am starting to get into bump sking. I like really tight turns and also ski the glades and a bight of back country but not that much so it would be nice to have an all mountain ski, just as long it is flexiable and lively. Also i like to venture into the terrain park and hit some jumps and halfpipe occasionally. I was looking at several differnt skis lately. the first one is the volkl ac 20 or even the 30. with one of these has a tighter turning radius? also i was thinking the head xenon and the nitrious. Or does anyone else know of a ski that would better suit my style. I plan to demo them in the next few weeks so i am puting together a list right now of ones to keep in mind. So please any help would be appreciated. :)

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Today is my day to try to earn back the great advice I've gotten on Epic over the past year. 


Aarchas, I'll pass on my $.02 about the skis you mentioned.  I have the Volkl AC-20s and love them.  I think they are more or less in the same general class as the Head Xenons.  I've taken the AC-20 from mostly skiing greens, to being "right at home" on blues, and am now having fun on Mid-Atlantic blacks.  I've also (after my kids cajoled me into it) tried jumps at terrain parks with my AC-20s, and survived, but I wouldn't say these are "park and pipe" skis.


I think the Nordica Nitrous and Volkl AC-30 are the next level up: for someone who is spending all their time on challenging blues and blacks.  Both of these are on my short list for my next pair of skis, hopefully sometime next season (God and my wife willing...). 


The AC-20 (74 mm waist) has a tighter turning radius than the AC-30 (76 mm waist).  IIRC, I think the Nitrous has a slightly tighter turning radius than the AC-30 even though it has a slightly wider waist (78 mm).  My guess is that the Xenon may have the tightest TR of them all. 


Hope this helps.  There are many here who know a heck of a lot more than I do about the skis you mentioned and the kind of skiing you like to do.



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Thank you, your advice was very helpful. I would have to say I am an advanced skier so im not sure if I want to settle with the ac 20's. From what I read they are really more af an intermediate blue run ski while I ski mostly blacks. But since I like the tight radius i would have to choose them over the 30s. And feel free to help me out anyone, I'm still kinda new at buying skis.

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The AC series is kind of like the Rossignol B series: each designation indicates a different width, not so much a different stiffness, skier force rating. The whole series is advanced to expert.

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I'd also consider the Head IM78.  Great all around ski and can do many of the things you are asking for well.  Not a park ski, but does have a bit of an upturned tail.


Where are you skiing?  If you are interested in a bit wider ski I would say try the Head Mojo series if you want a twintip.

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Since I really just ski in the east power performance isn't that big of a deal, and also I am leaning away from twin tips because I like the ability to do nice tight carving turns more than hitting the terrain park. So right now I am lokking at the AC 20 or 30, Xenon 10, Nitrous, and possibly the head IM78 or the isupershape. However I am still not even close to deciding.... so feel free to throw some more in to confuse me further :) or what ever you guys would like. But thank you for the help so far.

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I didn`t want to do this but I`m gunna bump. and just to recap, I am an advanced skier. I am looking for a ski with a nice short turning radius, that is not to heavy or stiff. I like a flexable ski. I normally ski eastern blacks so its usaully hard packed and somewhat icy. I also ski the moguls and on occasion trees. any more models that i should demo or opinions on the ones I am looking at. they are, Dynastar contact groove, head xenon 10, the Nitrious, Ac 20s or 30s and the isupershape. Hopeing to have a nice 4 ski list to demo for next weekend hopefully. So feel free to state you 2 cents

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Hopefully you have an on-hill demo event that will allow you to demo each ski for free...so you can try them all...as all of these skis are worth demoing IMO.


I just wanted to give a plug for the Contact Groove - I demoed a pair in 165 a week or so ago and really loved it.  It's a very easy, relaxing carver at slow speeds...but they also come alive with energy at speed.  They have a fairly tight turn radius, and like to always be on edge.  It's hard to explain, but of all the skis I demoed that day, I liked the feeling of these the best... the feedback they were giving me through the turns - the G forces that build up when you make a sharp turn at speed and power you into the next turn - energy?  It felt great anyway... Realise my bias though - I skied a Contact 9 in 158 earlier this season...had that pair stolen...and just bought a used pair of Contact 9s in 165!  Perhaps I just love the Dynastar Contact series...


I really liked the AC20 as well...great carver...though I found it a bit more damp and smooth than the Contact Groove (which would be a plus for many...but I liked the Groove better).  I was skiing the 170 length, with a 16m turn radius - while they carved like a knife through butter, I prefer skis with shorter turn radius...like the Groove or the Xenon...  I might have liked the 163 length better... i'm only 150lbs.


I didn't try the Xenon 10...though I did try the 9 (last year's version of the 10) and this year's 8 (1 level down).  While they were huge fun on softer snow...and could manage hard pack/ice, the edges didn't hook up automatically and carve the way the Contact Groove or AC20s did.  I think the Xenon 10 might be a bit better at this though... supposedly they improved the edge hold... it's definitely worth demoing - they have a different feel than the Groove or AC20, so you may like it.  Perhaps this ski would be easier in the bumps?  I didn't try it...


Hope that helps a bit...you might also consider checking out the Fischer RX-8 if they have any in the demo fleet.  I tried it in 165 and found it a bit too much ski for me, but everyone else raves about them.  Perhaps I would have liked the 160s more.

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