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All mountain twin tips

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Hi I'm looking for a pair of all mountain twin tips. I'm 18. 6'5" 170 lbs and consider myself an advanced skier. I'm looking for and advanced to expert ski that I can carve up the mountain with. Right now I ski mostly groomed trails with some off trail powder. I would like to get more into park and was looking for a good pair of twin tips that I could learn to ski backwards with :). I was looking into the Scott Mission twin tips, but there are so many choices, I can't choose. I'm willing to spend as much as 450-500 dollars on the ski alone. Btw any binding suggestions would be great too. I don't care if they are integrated or not.



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Volkl bridges w/ marker griffons. I havnt skiied the bridge but my buddy swears by them. with a solid 92 waist, the hold up all over the mountain. I have marker griffons bindings on my mantras and love them. they are a solid binding even if they arent metal.

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For your requirements, I'd suggest the Dynastar Big Trouble. While the previously mentioned Bridge is fine on groomers and reasonable in soft snow, the BT is better in soft snow and powder and much better in the park.



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thank you for the suggestions. I will look into them.

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Try the Scott Punisher. I have the Punisher and the Big Trouble, both are great skis!!!

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 Try them if you can. I really did not like the Big Trouble. Bridge was very nice though.

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The Rossi S5 or S6 are very good all-mt twins.

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Bridges are awesome.  There may be better soft snow skis out there but that's not their intended use for me.  I used them when there's been little snow or when I'm skiing bumps.  They absolutely rail groomers as well and are pretty solid off piste.  I have fatter skis so these are the skinniest in my quiver.

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Hey all, I have taken all your considerations into account and have narrowed it down to either the scott mission, scott punisher, or the volkl bridge. Thanks for all the great suggestions, feel free to keep them up... there could be some other ski out there that will fit me.


once again... Thanks a bunch

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Oh and I had a question I have read various places that the Scott Mission and Scott Punisher were identical or at least extremely similar skis... What's the difference between these Skis that change the way they ride?



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I don't know to much about them but I have heard that the K2 Extremes are good for carving turns and are designed for the carver who still plays in the terrian park. But as I said I truly don't know that much about them and have never tried them. Just thought i'd mention them to see what other's thoughts on them were.

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ok so I have almost made my decision and I'm leaning towards the volkl bridge... but I have one more question... because I ski about 70:30 groomer: pow would these be right for me?.. or should I lean toward the scott mission or punishers... or for that matter some other ski entirely... also How do these hold up at speed? I do like to let loose sometimes and rocket down the slopes.

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ski em - friend had both Bridge and Punisher - hated the bridge, loved the Punisher (softer for one)

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If you were willing to spend $500 on the ski alone - and that much again on the other ski :-) - then I'd recommend the Kastle MX108. Possibly the best Big Mountain twin tip [a lot of] money can buy.

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Definitly go with the Bridges i have last years model and they are amazing!

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Well. Thanks all, I am ready to move on to the next step: To demo the ski. I will demo the bridge and go from there. I will probably post a new thread within the month letting you know how it went.


Once again, THANKS!!!


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