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k2 Obsethed

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Can I get some thoughts on these skis?  How do they perform in hard/soft conditions?  At 6'3" 180lbs what size should I get?

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Well, I can tell you second hand that my 16 year old son, who is 6'1" and maybe 140 lbs (a guess) skied the 175-ish length and loved, loved, loved them.

That was in new snow, so I have no info on hard snow.  They were fine on the connecting roads/runouts, which were at least packed.

I'd guess you would want a longer ski than my son. 

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If that's the ski you're set on getting I'd suggest the 189.  Skis much shorter than it's length and since is a softer snow ski you'll want the length for float.  In my opinion, the Obsethed is a noodle that weighs too much so going too short you'll have that ski overflexed the entire time you're on the ski.  As for it's performance on the hard snow, there are those that like it but I'm not one of them

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