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Length of Volkl AC20

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Hi. Im not sure what length ski I should get 156 or 163 cm.   Im Male 135 lbs, 5' 9" (I know height does not matter) advance-expert. Getting Volkl AC20 because of light weight, soft flex and foregivness to really want to learn to ski moguls & trees better at Killington VT. 

I skied the perfect length 160 cm rental only (not sold in stores) Rossi Phantom SC 74 and had no problems of cross tips.  Do not want to get a full mogul ski.

Thanks for your help.

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I demoed these a week or so ago in 170cm (I'm 5'8",150lbs, upper intermediate) - I would have preferred to try a 163, but they didn't have any.  I really liked the ski - carved hard pack snow and ice like a knife through butter and was extremely easy to use - put it on edge, and let 'er rip.  I'm pretty sure 163 would have been perfect for me.  I didn't check the waist when putting them on, but was surprised that it was 74mm... it felt like a much narrower waist when carving. 


For me, I like to do short carving turns - so I prefer a ski with a smaller turn radius.... I found it a bit difficult to do tight sharp carving turns..I'm sure a 163cm would have been better.  I still found it a great ski though.


That's my experience as an intermediate working to become advanced..ymmv.  One thing I learned when demoing, is you can't assume that because you like one length in one ski, you'll like the same length in a different ski.  If you can't demo, I would look at the attributes of the AC20 (dimensions, stiffness, etc) and compare them to the SC74... that may help you decide if you want to go a bit longer or shorter with the AC20.

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i was under the impression height and weight were concerns with ski length, but i dont know alot about them. Nice review by the way, these are the same skis im looking at, thanks for the info

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As I just posted in response to Monkers on his thread, I have AC-20s in 163 and they are just right for me.  I am 5'9" and 150 lbs (before going for a run).

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