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K2 Public enemy

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I'm thinking of getting a pair of these to use as powder ski here in the south east. I'm 5'8" 200 lb, 45 year old upper intermediate. I can ski about anything steep but I dont like big jumps or big bumps. I'm getting old and I dont heal up the way I use to. Should I get the 179 cm or go shorter with this ski?



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I'd say 179 fosho.  With an aggressive tip profile on both ends they ski pretty short.

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+1.  We we're just a tad lighter than you and ski 179 K2s.  Anything shorter won't hold firm on the steep eastern hardpack quite well enough IMHO.   LUV the Cabrawler in a 179.  Looking for a real deal on used PE's over the summer.  Will not go under 179 cm.  I wish they made a 186.   FWIW the K2s actually run a tad shorter than listed legnth.  A 179 is really more like a 175.

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Thanks fellows. What bindings do you have on your skis? I've got some Marker Titanium Free 1200 wide brake bindings that have'nt really been used much at all that I want to use.



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Hey Bryan,


Like others said at 200lbs go with the 179's, no question.  I have that length and I just measured them, without the rear tip they are approx 172.  I've got z12 bindings on these.  They are a good ski especially given the price.  Now you are going to have to decide where to mount them.  I've got mine at +2 and I like them there, the recommended mounting point is much too far forward unless you plan on hitting the park a lot, which doesn't sound like the plan

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The PE is the best skinny powder ski. Ever.


179cm @ 0 /w P12s. I'm 150lbs. It's my all mountain ski and pow days up to 3-4" but you can ski a foot no problem if you are stash hunting.


If you need binders, I have some NIB Solly Z12Ti. They will be much lighter than the Markers... and also they won't be Markers.

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It is good in powder, where it skis true to length (compared to hardpack, where it skis 10-15cm shorter than spec).  Among the many skis I have tried, the PE is about average in crud (=skied out powder), so if crud performance is high on your list, look at a different ski.  On a serious powder day, I'd want to switch to a better crud ski in the afternoon.  Or look into something like a Watea which can handle the whole range well (albeit, not a twin tip).

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