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Goggles foam

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A simple question from an Euro gaper... :-)

I own two pairs of Oakley goggles.

The older one, an O frame (I think but I'm not sure anymore) has the foam contouring the frame worn out

which is starting to come off. Also, the foam on top of the frame is cut...

I asked my preferred shop (where I bought the second goggle, a Wisdom) if the foam is available as a spare part to replace, I got a negative answer.

So, assuming that this is so, what can I use to replace the worn out foam?

The obvious answer would be, foam of course, but where can I find it?


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Weatherstripping for doors and windows can be cut to fit. I've also heard that some manufacturers sell replacement foam.  I'm not surprised the retailer wouldn't help you repair them though.  Shoot Oakley support an email and ask.  Otherwise some peel and stick foam weatherstripping will work for awhile.

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Thanks crgildart.

I could understand how vthe guy would have been more interested had I asked to buy

goggles instead of spare parts, after all they're there to sell the item, not the spares...

I'll try shooting Oakley an email and see the reply.


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I believe Smith warrantees that problem, though probably not a defect, wear and tear that can occur in one season. don't know what Oakley does, but one could check.

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I've always ran into this problem but...  Finally figured out the answer!!!
The foam that comes on hangers from the dry cleaners is a great alternative.
It's a little soft but not much.
Cut it to size and glue it on.  Not sure what glue to use but I've used contact cement & super glue.
Regarding the color - use a permenant sharpie to match the color.
I've been doing this now for 7 years and have not had to do a replacement yet.
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When it happened to my old A-frames, I phoned Oakley customer services and they told me to send them the frames. They were maybe 8 or 9 years old.
A week later I received my brand new A-frames, free of charge. (same old lenses though)
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Mr. N., a word to the wise. Always try to speak to customer service in the US rather than Italy.
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