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I know I am not alone thinking that there are no good ski shops around Boston....but I found one. Ski Market dominates and I would say that some of the guys that work there know what they are talking about, but overall just am not impressed with SM.  I went looking for a new pair of "powder skis" and after going to 5 shops not only did I not find the ski I was looking for, which didnt really surprise me, but there wasnt a ski that I would actually buy.  Granted its towards the end of the season but come on.

Anyways, I did the online order thing and got a good deal on a pair of Katanas from a shop in CO, a nice pair of Rossi 150 bindings from Evogear and then some extra wide brakes from REI.  After the running around picking everything up and paying someone to mount it all within 24 hours so I could use the skis for what they were meant for (70 inches in 5 days in northern VT, which btw was some of the best skiing I had ever had) all of a sudden wasnt worth the hassle or price.


I took my skis, bindings, and brake to Summit Ski and Snowboard [URL=""][/URL]in Framingham on Thursday afternoon so they could mount everything so I could hit the road that night.  Turns out the wide brakes that were supposed to match the binding didnt so I was in a jam.  Teddy, the owner of the shop, asked me what I paid for the bindings and brakes and said he had a pair of Dynastar XXL's he would sell me and would match what I had paid. 


We were in the back of the shop figuring out where to mount and I saw a bunch of skis that I knew werent part of this years crop.  I asked what they were and turns out that Elan had shipped their '09-10 skis to this shop in MA for Mike, runs the back of the shop, to tune prior to sending them to Jackson Hole for Powder Magazines ski test and he had just got done doing the same thing to a set of Dynastars.  I asked besides you being really good at this why do they send you their skis and he just shrugged.  Anyways, I had them put the same tune on my new Katanas and it was unreal.  He has his own method of bevel and tune that I wont try to explain, but he has a pretty impressive background and overall they know what they are doing.


I know some people on here will probably get pissed because they think its my shop, but its not and from this not only did I find a great ski shop in Boston, but more importantly found out how key it is to support your local shops.  You may think you are getting a better deal online and in some cases you may, but at the end of the day it isnt worth it.


If you are looking for a tune or a shop around Boston its worth checking these guys out....they know what they are talking about.