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Step up from Solomon Scrambler 8

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Question about my husband's skis.  He's 5'11", about 180 lbs, and has been on a pair of 2006 Solomon Scrambler 8's in a 165 for the last 3 years.   He mostly skis groomers, is probably a mid to high intermediate level, and he wonders if he should move up to something else so he can advance his skills.  Not really sure what level this particular ski is aimed at, either.  Probably intermediate, but not sure.  He's also wondering if he should look for a bit longer ski, maybe around 170 or so.  He doesn't really want to ski off piste, so the very wide powder skis aren't of interest to him.  He's not a super aggressive skier, although he does go fairly fast sometimes.  Would the Salomon X-Wing Tornado be a step up to improve technique at this point?  Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Which region does he mainly ski in?

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Yes, and yes.


If he is high intermediate level Salomon X-wing Tornado would a good ski for him.  Almost any ski would be a step up from the Scrambler 8s. 


At 180 lbs, 165 does seem to short for him.   Somewhere between 170 and 180 would be better, depending on the ski and what mountains he skis on (how much open space, how fast, how soft or hard),  Probably in the bottom half of the above range would be best (170 to 175 cm).



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Go with the Salomon Tornado Ti .  Best all round ski, especially if you're primarily on groomers. 

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Thanks for input so far.  In answer to one question, we ski California/Lake Tahoe area, Squaw Valley, Sugar Bowl, etc.


As for the X-Wing Ti, I thought that was supposed to be more for heavier  (200 and up lbs) and more aggressive skiers...???


Also...if not the X-Wing, any comments of the various Nordicas? 

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 the tornado ti will satisfy most advanced/expert skiers, but it can easily be driven by someone a little less competent or aggressive...it is by no stretch a stiff or demanding ski...very smooth and creamy..

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 Still considering which ski.  A salesman tried to convince him to get the last pair of XW Fury in a 178....a good buy, but it seems like more of a powder ski.  He claimed that despite the 85 waist it turned easily, etc.  What do you all think?  Isn't a Fury more of a 50/50, while the Tornado is a 90/10 or some such?  I keep reading that the Fury really wants to go fast all the time...

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i wouldnt say that really...the fury does have a longer turn radius built into it..that and the wider waist will make it a bit more biased towards soft snow...


the tornado isnt necessarily 90/10...i would say its more like 75 on 25 off..maybe?...


its only 76 underfoot (this year, changing to 78 next) but it handles itself reasonably well in not-so-groomed stuff



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We can't find a Tornado anywhere with the bindings included--everything is mostly sold out by now.  We did find a flat Tornado....any disadvantages or advantages to a flat ski with binding attached directly to the ski? Also....wondering which binding would be a good match for the Tornado.   

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