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Opinions on Canon SD 1100 IS

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I've been eyeing this camera and Costco has it for $150. Anybody out there have one of these? Do they work well to shot ski porn and quick TRs? What do you think of the price? I just want an easy to use, small, versatile camera. I don't plan on getting to involved in photography. I just need a camera that will work well outdoors, has a 'eye piece' view finder (because the little LCD view finder I've used suck in bright light). Most photos will be digitally stored, few will be printed but just in case, I own a Canon photo printer and figured to get a Canon camera for compatibility. What do you think?

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I have the SD1000 and it's been a great camera. 

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I got the SD1100 a month ago. Takes great pictures. Here is a review.





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The SD1100 is a good camera and probably the best value for a small digital camera.  One of my friends has one and has been very happy with it... I don't think you can go wrong with any Canon point and shoot...they are all very similar to use with different features.


I recently bought a Canon SD880 - which is similar, but has a slightly different interface....but more importantly a wide angle lense (wider than most point and shoot digital cameras).  This is a huge plus when taking panoramic scenery shots - top of the mountain type shots.  It doesn't have an optical viewfinder... but the screen has been so good, that I find I don't need it - even in bright sunlight.  I've mainly used a DSLR for hte past few years (Canon Rebel XT), and was very surprised by the quality of the SD880 for such a small camera.


Remember that the optical viewfinders on small point and shoot cameras are not terribly accurate compared to the actual picture - they are only good as a rough guide in most situations, but if you want to carefully frame a photo, you'll have to use the screen.  The quality of the LCD screens have really improved a lot in the last few years.  The biggest reason for a viewfinder that I see is that you can sometimes save battery power and keep the screen off when shooting.

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Thanks for the quick response., appreciate the link to the review, SNPete. It confirms Jay 31 warning on optical viewer. It sounds like a winner and the price is competitive especially since Costco will through in a 2 gig SD card. Hot damn, now if I can only remember to take it along and actually use it.

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You won't be disappointed. The view finder is a plus. Esp when wearing ski goggles. Just bear in mind the viewfinder is giving you the center 75% of the picture.


I bought the SD1100, becuase my G9 was too bulky. I am surprised by how good the pics the 1100 produces compared to the G9.

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