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Shape Skis and Gender

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I was watching the WC on OLN last night, and the MALE commentator said something interesting.

Women do a better job of using shaped skis than men. Since I came in in the middle, I have no idea who the commentaor was, but he made some sort of statement to the tune of
"Many male skiers may as well be skiing Austrian technique on straight skis. Men will force the ski, while women do a better job at using the skis sidecut."

WHEW!!! Them is fighting words! As someone who sometimes has a machisma tendency to muscle my skis around like a crazed dominitrix [img]smile.gif[/img] , I'm not sure if this is a really fair stereotype, but I'd be curious to hear what others think!

Ducking and running, sure glad I;m going out of town this weekend! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I don't know, it kind of sounds like a compliment to me!
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I agree, but the question is, do we deserve it? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It's true insofar as a woman is more conditioned and designed to use finesse and a man is more conditioned and designed to use power.

Where men seem to have the advantage is in their spirit, where women are conditioned to shrink from challenge, men are conditioned to confront it.

And don't forget what the guru says: your strength is also your weakness.
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I agree with that statement. I have seen the pictures of the world-cuppers, and the women do have better technique.

I don't pay much attention to racing on TV, but does anyone know if the men's winning time is much different than the women's?
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It was a veteran US ski team member who is injured and was sitting in as a guest commentator. It was a good race, wasn't it? Them Gals can ski!

In very general terms I think he has a point. Women tend to be more finess skiers and men tend to the power side. How many women show up to a lesson and say "I want to conquer the mountain". Men tend to want to use their power as a crutch, to horse things around more than women do. Is this any secret?
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I certainly find it easier to teach women to ski. I am a finesse skier and do not believe in beating my skis into submission like so many men do.
I have a devil of a time convincing male ski instructors that they do not have to be overly athletic to move up the certification ladder. Many skiers look at me ski and assume falsely that I am very athletic. I am not, I am simply using what I have to maximum advantage.
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