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 Sorry to dig up this thread, but I figured I'd post my experiences first time traveling with the Sidekick Pro 1. I flew to CO last week on an Airbus 320 plane. As other have mentioned, it can definitely fit with the soles pointing out at you. However, it is a very wide bag. My friend was using a TRV Pro that also had no difficulty getting into the overhead bin, but between the two of our bags' width, we took up an entire overhead bin to ourselves. I was actively trying to be the first person in my row on the plane so that I'd have first crack at the overhead bin to make sure I could get it in there. With helmet and boots, this bag definitely does not conform to the carry-on dimensions (as far as United was concerned.) but it does fit. I just feel that even though it does fit, It's so wide that it's impeding another passenger's ability to pack their carryon. In the future I'm considering taking the boots and helmet and stowing that in the overhead and putting the bag under my seat. 

I really like this bag.

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 Since this thread has been reborn id like to add a few things as well. I agree with the new post. This thing is very very wide.  Tis heavy as well.  It is a crapshoot whether you will find room in the overhead. I had to scout a few too many aisles back to find room on my latest trip. Much too the chagrin of the crew and fellow passengers. 

But here is IMHO a more impt. point.  I have yet to find a way to satisfactorily annex the boots.  I simply find that the feet of the boots point out wide, thus exacerbating the aforesaid wideness problem. This also leads to boots swinging a bit and taking out a few sodas and scaring the youngens when moving  between tables in the narrow east coast lodges at the end of the day. 

Curious about this, i took a look at the website and pics. Seems my bag has the vaunted triangular straps mounted well below the the bag in the pics. Thus its not a triangular boot clamp system, but meley a strap.  In other words the strap fits on the front horizontal portion of the boot, not up at the vertical part near the cuff. This is IMHO a serious design flaw.  If i wanted the boots to swing out it would just leaven on my shoulder.

Ive want to drop transpack a line on this but havent yet had the time.  I find the only way to really secure the boots is to to tie the boot straps to the middle of the bag where the helmet goes.  This moves the top of the boots against the side properly. But this of course defeats the purpose of having a bag for both helmets and boots. 

Quality wise, its pretty bomber and durable thus far.  But im still looking for a pack that the boots can be snugly secured to the pack without sticking out wide. 

I can try and post pics but it may be beyond my capabilities. 
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 Here's  shot of the boot tied up, sans helmet

Heres on of the right boot out. Note how it swings out way wide

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Your post gives me a chuckle because I just got finished sorting out that issue with Transpack this week. You have the Sidekick Pro II, not the Pro I. The Pro II is their newer and supposedly better bag. In my opinion it was decidedly worse! Much worse in fact,  due to the change in the bag's boot securing system. In my opinion (one that I shared with Transpack), is that the new strap design is woefully inadequate. Regardless of of how tightly you cinch the straps, the boot cuffs splay outward and slide around a bit when you are walking.  They ended up sending my a SK Pro I in exchange. Unfortunately, with the extra shipping charges I incurred sending my Pro II back to Transpack, my total cost for the Pro I that I now have was $120 for an item that is $80-$90 most places.

Anyone looking into purchasing this bag, I hope you see this post and can learn from my experience. The cliff's notes version of the story: Sidekick Pro I > Sidekick Pro II both in function and in price.


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 Well said, if you could pm me the contact at transpack. Here;s my short version. Pro2 top mounting strap is attached too low, below the helmet section as in the Pro 1.  See this pic of the good version 

good version
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PM sent. Posting here as well in case others are interested:


Phone 212 260-0623
Phone 800 778-5735

For the record, the Transpack folks were nice and very interested in my feedback regarding this issue.

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Interesting comments.  I recently bought the sidekick 2 but have never seen the sidekick 1 to compare.  I really wanted the ability to zip up the boot platforms so I could use the pack more often for other needs, rather than just 1-2 times per year for a ski trip.  I haven't taken it on a plane yet, my first trip is coming up in 2 weeks.  Should I abandon ship now and just send it back for the sidekick 1?
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not sure which one I have the 1 or 2 but I just flew with it in a CRJ700 and a 320, I put my helmet in my duffle but I had no problems in either overhead. Not sure of the boot issues, I put them in the side pouches with the heels firmly in the back of the holders and then pull the strap tightly over them.  No problems.
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finn, it mean you probably had a the transpack 1- either im a total doofus (and this is a strong possibility) or you would have known about the failings of the 2 immediately.
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Do the boot holders in your Sidekick come with boot covers (shower cap looking thingies) attached by an elastic cord to the inside of the zippered boot pocket? If so, then you have the Sidekick Pro II.

If your boot pockets don't zipper close and are without the boot cuff covers, then you have a Sidekick Pro I.

Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

not sure which one I have the 1 or 2 but I just flew with it in a CRJ700 and a 320, I put my helmet in my duffle but I had no problems in either overhead. Not sure of the boot issues, I put them in the side pouches with the heels firmly in the back of the holders and then pull the strap tightly over them.  No problems.
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Finn (and I) have the Sidekick I's. I just came back from my trip West and much prefer the Sidekick for airline travel to the TVR Pro that my wife used and I use for traveling east. 
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Thanks Phil, yeah, i had the TVR but the SK1 is tits. It's been great, especially with the laptop pocket inside.  I bought mine from Phil, so if you need one........
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So when traveling with a SK1 on a plane, do you bring another carryon (small suitcase)? 
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Originally Posted by Chip View Post

So when traveling with a SK1 on a plane, do you bring another carryon (small suitcase)? 

I'd think you can bring something else as long as it would fit under the seat.  This pack isn't going to fit there unless you take the boots out.
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hey, sorry for missing this. Yes, you wo't be abe ot ut this under the seat, I usually bring a high sierra roller duff, my SK and my heli pro backpack. I check the sportube and the duffle. I just flew yesterday to Steamboat, I connected through Houston, My SK withy boots fit no issues in the overhead, some other dude had the enclosed model and had to take his boots out to fit.  He looked over at my bag, and asked which one it was..... he's buying it.
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In the past I have used my TRV pro, and not much in it. Is it worth the expense of the Sidekick for someone who only flies once a year?  What about the smaller Transpacks? I have my wife's as she isn't coming this trip. How much less room do they take up. I've never flown with the smaller one as my wife doesn't care about her boots like I do. Hers end up being checked.
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 There will be a Sidekick coming out next year at a lower price point, for those "once a year" west trippers it might be the answer. But the external boot design is ideal for airline travel. 
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Anyone use this who has boots with removable liners (ie lace up or other fitting reason why you must put the liner on your foot then your foot/liner into the boot).  I am thinking that I could just attach the shells as you normally would then put the liners upside down in the shells, so that the ankle goes in first with the foot part sticking out.  However, I do not want to be stopping all the time to pick up fallen liners.  Can anyone comment on this concern?

I want some backpack option, mainly for race weekends, but the designs with the internal boot compartments will not work for me.  Currently I am using a large duffel bag which is really difficult to deal with when carrying multiple pairs of skis, and poles.
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Been doing a fair amount of research and it sounds like this will be the backpack I buy. Quick question though - is it true that it includes "a hidden ski loop strap and top ski loop that allows you to carry your skis on this backpack as well?" It's in the description on below, but I can't seem to find mention of this feature anywhere on their site (

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why would you want this feature? its not a pack for skiing. 

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