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Gorsuch Ltd?

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I'm heading to the Vail area in April to ski and visit some family & friends. While there I'm considering buying some new boots at Gorsuch because they are the only shop I ever come close to that sells Strolz.


Has anyone had any experiance with buying boots at Gorsuch? Does anyone know of a specific fitter/tech that I should ask for?



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My recommendation would be to call Gorsuch and talk to the owner/manager and find out who their main boot fitter is and/or who does the Strolz fitting.  Then call him up and talk over your situation and ask about his experience with fitting Strolz.


That's a place to start anyway...

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Thanks for your idea, but I did that, twice. They tell me that all their people can help me equally. I also keep reading that with Strolz boots the shell needs to be custom fit first and then the liner is foamed, but at Gorsuch they don't feel the need to fit the shell, they just put you in a larger shell and fill it up with the liner. Maybe they only fit the shell at the home store in Lech...either way I'm not sure about this shop. I lived in Vail in the mid 90's and Gorsuch was the shop that the "cost doesn't matter" tourists shopped at. I never met a local that used them for anything, but if I want Strolz boots I don't really see much alternative.


Do you fit the shells first?


Any suggestions?

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Without seeing your foot it is impossable to know whether shell modifications need to be done before foaming.  One thing I do not do is go to a larger shell and fill with foam.  70-80% of the time I do shell modifications for the people that I see, which would be for a wide foot with high volume.


Do you have a wide or narrow foot?

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11 - 11.5 street shoe, 4 - 5E width, long narrow heel, smaller ankle, large calf, short toes, very high instep, very high arch, partially torn planter facia in right foot.


I have a boot fitter hear at home (an hour away) who is incredible but I don't have the time to spend the better part of my winter and weekends fitting my boots. I was hoping this would give the same or better results in a lot less time.

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Have you contacted the main Strolz Importer and asked about other dealers near you?  If not, you may want to call George Donovan at


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Agree with Strolz boot guy that going to a larger shell and then filling it with foam is not the way to go.  However with your foot width it seems your foot will fill any shell just fine.


When it comes to accomodating width there is nothing magical about a foam liner.  They do a great job of accomodating unusual shapes but width needs first to be accomodated by shell room.  If you have a great fitter in your area I'd use them.



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I have spoken to George at Strolz USA and the closest Strolz shop is in New Hampshire (15hrs away) and I never go East. I do get to the Rockies every year and Gorsuch is the only shop there. George suggested that I use my local guy but he's never done Strolz and I would have to order several boots to find the exact right shell. Buying from my local guy use to take a good year to get boots to fit so I could ski all day without unbuckling at the bottom of each run (it's only happened with one pair of boots and now my feet have grown too long). If I start from scratch next fall I will need to take days off work just to get to see him and since I can't ski as much as I use to (stupid job) it could take a couple of seasons to get them comfortable and it would take less time to drive to New Hampshire a couple of times next fall. I use to ski 40 days a year and now I'm lucky to get in a dozen so when I do get to ski I want them to be quality days without foot pain. This is why I was hoping to get them done while I'm in Vail.


maybe I'll just go into Gorsuch when I get there and see what kind of vibe I get and how well the shells fit before I make up my mind. They did tell me over the phone that the only shell that would fit me is the one with the spring on the back which I hear has some issues. What are your thoughts about that shell for a 6' 250 lb agressive skier who skis everthing white (except the park) at a level 8 or 9 depending on my fitness level?


Thanks guys!

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There are many people your size (weight) in the FSX (wide shell), which is for a high volume foot.  The spring (flex spring) can be changed (replaced) for a stiffer flex. You might need the #5 flex spring if you were fit in the FSX. The FSX flex spring is also a ski walk mechanism which was designed into the boot back in the 1960's when some people used the Strolz for ski mountaineering so you could relax the forward lean for hiking or skinning uphill.  I have been skiing on the classic shell with the springs since the mid 1990's.  I am not sure what issues you speak of, the main thing is to have the flex spring, ski/walk devise looked at every few years to make sure it is functioning properly.


Tim, the main boot fitter and manager of the Strolz in Hampton, NH can re-last the SST shell to accomidate wide feet, plus he uses the wide liner if needed.  Without seeing your foot this is all speculation, however since you say you have a narrow ankle, the SST (or SWM) may work.  The SWM, is the same boot as the SST but has a wide cuff option and should be able to accomidate your large calves.


Please contact me directly, or Tim, if you want to discuss your options in more detail.


Good luck!





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So I went to Gorsuch while in Vail and I was impressed with the person I spoke with. They do fit the shell before foaming so we talked. they didn't fit me because I'm planning on loosing 50 pounds or more before next ski season and they felt that my feet would change shape too much and I would be better off waiting untill next fall to proceed. They measured me for a 27.5 length shell (which actually felt large compared to my old 27.5 shells that are too short) with a 4E width. The US dollar was also a factor in my decission since the wide shell would have set me back around $1,400 with insoles.


Thanks for everyones help. I'm definately buying a pair next season...after a summer of saving.

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