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Wow, in just 4 weeks

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The first ESA Big Sky attendees to arrive in SW Montana will be skiing at Bridger Bowl.  Is everybody ready?

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YEP  I am ready, leaving in the morning for Mammoth  a week of  warm ups.  Snow predicted all week. 

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I don't know, I hope I will be.  I've had to cut back on my skiing recently because of work, and am going to be down to a day a week the rest of March because I'm in training for the bicycle tour of Colorado.  Hopefully, the bike training will be sufficient to allow me to ski the camp, but I suspect that my ski conditioning is slipping.


How's the snow up there, anyway?  I'm sitting here in a hotel in DC -- I didn't get to ski at all this weekend, and next I'm in Japan (stupid me, I should've planned to go skiing while there, but nope, I strictly business).



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We had a good week, snow-wise, with more in the forecast. Big Sky is reporting a base of 86" at the top station and 57" at the mid mountain station.

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I'm getting extremely excited for this trip!!!


Rio, and "After ESA Ski gang" do we know what our plans are for Friday/Saturday after ESA?

I would like to get my lift tickets in order soon, but wasn't sure about the Bridger/BigSky plans post ESA.


I'm extremely willing to play it by ear, but need to know if there is something I need to do in advance IF plans are set with the crew.



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I'm planning to ski Bridger those days and I think Weems and Squatty are too.

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From what I've heard in the other thread Weems & Squatty are planning on doing Bridger Friday and Saturday.  I took the day off so I'll be available Friday and RicB is hoping to join us, also.  Between Nolo, RicB & me, we'll have 3 people that know Bridger well allowing us to tailor the groups to their abilities and preferences.  (I'll take the group that wants to ski moguls.)

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I am up for anything.  

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Hi All,  back from Mammoth.  Mon/closed-zero visibility. Tue, Wed and thurs good 8" of powder but top of Mt. closed due to winds.  Thur. sunshine, whole Mt. open 18 to 6:in of powder depending on where you were.  Got  untouched turns on 3, 22 and 23 and the back of 3 while waiting for Gondola to open.


SO.  Friday after ESA a Bridger?  was going to send $ in Monday so if everyone is going to be a Bridger I won't pay for another Big Sky ticket.  Is this correct?



RIO.  possibility I won't be able to make Bridger BEFORE esa due to family concerns, will let you know as soon as I can.

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Weems and Squatty had to bail. I'm taking Robin to the airport Friday a.m. I plan to ski Friday, if my dogsitter permits.

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