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Which ski do i need? Watea/Hellcat/?

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 I'm a level 7/8 skier looking for a one ski fit all setup. My old skis are circa 2000 salomon X-screams 7's (173's i believe) that have seen their fair share of rocks, michigan ice, bowls, and are in desperate need of retiring. 


I found epicski a few months ago and it sent me in about 1000 different directions as far as ski choice was concerned. So after doing a little research, I'm back to re-ask my question and hope to be a little more focused.


I only get to ski a few times a year, tragic i know, and only ski resorts (even more tragic?). I am 5'11/6'0 and 185-190lbs. 


I don't spend any time on groomers unless its chasing down the mountain in search of food or goofing around. I spend all of my time in bowls or sneaking around in the trees in search of pow. 


So the ski's I'm looking to find would be mainly off piste skis. Now I've never really skied fat skis as you can tell from my last pair , and I'm unsure of what to get. My old skis where like anchors in powder for sure, but I'm not certain of what width I should be shooting for.


So far my search has lead me to the Nordica Hellcats, Fischer watea 94, and a host of ski brands I've never heard of. I'm thinking I should be shooting for around 178 ski right? 


Which ski would you recommend? I have no problem picking up an older version either. I'm just looking for something that I can ski up the fresh stuff, but not completely be slow and un-energetic when transferring lifts and practicing my GS turns on the cords.


Thanks allot! 

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I've got the Watea 94's in a 178 and love them..  I am 5' 10" but am about 165 lbs so you might want to consider something a bit longer..  the 178 I think is the shortest length for the 94's.

They are lightweight, easy to turn, but really stable..And go through just about anything from crud to pow to groomers.. with ease..

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my last skis felt to long. I'm not sure if it what the turning radius was, but when i was at speed i really had to hurl them around in the bowls to keep from eating it. I'd like to try and avoid that if possible :( 

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If you are skiing powder/crud (like I'd suspect if you're looking for wider skis), then you'd probably want to go longer than 178cm, maybe more like 184-186cm. 


Watea 94s are great skis in my opinion.  Not really wide nowadays, but still a good step in the wider direction.

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I'm 6'2" and 175lbs and ski the 178 Hellcat.    It's a really fun ski and I was planning to use it as my 1 ski quiver until someone posted an ad for a used pair of Gotamas that I couldn't pass up!


I've found the Hellcat to be a really good all around ski - has decent float, and cuts through the crud like a dream.  After spending the last week in JH spending time on both the HC and the Goat, the Goat is much better in the powder, but the HC is a lot more fun or the firm stuff.


My $.02

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Think I'm going to demo first. Maybe if I get lucky i can swap and try a few different skis. Really want to try the Wateas 

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