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Need new binding

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Looking for a new pair of bindings. I live in a snow unfriendly area, so I cant really walk into the local ski shop and get some advice. Even if I did, I really dont like taking advice from people without seeing them ski. However, I would like to know what you guys think :]


I consider myself an all mountain skier. I like to ski hard and fast. Currently using a pair of Marker M51 Titanium Twincams. Great bindings, however i do get some toe release (DIN maxed out at 12) when I land on the snow without my skis pointing down. I tried a few higher DIN bindings, however they were way too heavy and I could feel my feet dragging on the snow. Looking for a binding with 12-14 DIN which is extremely lightweight, rigid (not boot movement), yet can handle a pounding.



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You'll never see me ski, so if you don't want my advice, don't read further.


I'm not surprised on you ejecting on the Markers.  You are skiing on bindings that were current in the early 90s.  Those springs have had plenty of wear and tear over the years.  Also Markers use low elastic travel toe pieces.  That means that your boot only has to move 12 to 15 mm off center for the binding to release.  Other bindings can travel as much as 20 mm off center.


Dynastar(Look) PX12 or 14 or Rossignol Axial2 120 or 140 - Both are the same bindings.  They are badged differently for their respective brands. 



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Denny nailed it pretty well.  You might also consider a Salomon STH14.  Light weight decent range, good binding

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The Sth14 and the Jester are your two best options if you are looking for a lightweight 14-16 DIN binding. Both of these bindings are bout 1000g.   

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