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esa big sky for level 7 skier

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can someone give me  examples of what type of terrain and drills a level 7 skier experienced at big sky last year?...older skiers-(55+) were there many? any?...were 4 straight days too much for the 'eastern' skier?

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Hi Kriss,


You might find this thread relevant: "ESA Stowe Suitability for Intermediates?"


You could expect to ski Blue-Black terrain and be with a group of your peers ability-wise. There usually are a number of participants over 55--including coaches. We do an extensive pre-clinic questionnaire to enable us to place you in a group and let your coach know more about you ahead of time. Coaches will be sensitive to your needs--if you have had enough skiing before the day is through, it's perfectly okay to quit early. 



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Hi kriss,

I think there have been many older skiers to attend various western esa's either at Big Sky or Snowbird or Aspen/Snowmass.  It would be impossible to answer for you whether four days is too much but many have done it.  Usually there are a couple of different pace groups. There would probably be some bumps because most people want at least some time in them.  You would not get the "hey all I want to do is bumps" people at that level or they tend to get into their own group.  In general people are really there to get better and enjoy the other people in the groups. 


In terms of terrain Big Sky really has great choices for that level. Most of the talk is about the harder stuff but that's just because it makes for good pictures.  Although Big Sky is well big, it's quite easy to get around.  In my mind it's way easier to keep a sense of it in one's mind than many eastern places - such as Killington. Big Sky is more like a very large Stratton.  Most of the trails end up at the same spot near the hotel. There's plenty of easier blacks, blue and green terrain. One of the days after the esa last year I actually had a great time in the terrain that's even below green - ie. walking, with one of the participants when we went exploring. Maybe if you give us an idea of the type of trails you ski in the east someone will know them and can compare.


I know last year that level group made it up to Lone Peak and skied the Liberty Bowl since conditions were good for it and the people were ready.  That may or may not happen but just a trip up the tram and ride back down is pretty  amazing.

In the video linked below at 1:40 you can see the coach (Squatty) in the CalTrans orange jacket leading a group of that level down a trail at Big Sky.


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