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Head Mojo 90, Volkl Wall or Blizzard Titan Cronos?

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My K2 Public Enemys are currently seeing their last days.  These boards are nearly indestructable but I think I'm up to the task.  I love the PEs because I feel confident on them in nearly any terrain/condition.  They are my go to ski when I may be doing a bit of anything or everything.  Their replacement must:

Be good in bumps.  For zipperline bump days at the Jane I've got a dedicated bump ski but I really don't want to own a ski that makes me think twice about diving into a sweet bump line.

Be good in the trees.  That will often be the primary mission here.

Be good in chowder and crud.  Like the bump scenario, I don't want a ski that is going to make me think twice about charging through cut up snow.

Be decent in  say a foot of new.

It would be great if it had better firm snow grip than the PEs but I guess this is the end of the spectrum I'm most comfortable sacrificing.

Must be available cheap but I'm willing to buy used as well.  I've never paid more than $400 for a ski and won't start with this one.

I'm 6'3", 185#, level 8(?) skier.  I'm aggressive and I like to go fast.  I tend to make long to medium radius turns unless the terrain dictates otherwise.... which of course, it often does.

Other skis of this ilk that I've enjoyed are Volant Chubbs and Salomon Pocket Rockets.

So what say you, Bears?


Oh, and I know the real answer is demo them all but lets skip that advice for now.  Demoing can be a pain as well as costly.  Both skis that I've demoed before purchase ended up with relatively low mileage.  I have been on the Cronos for a couple of runs and enjoyed their damp feel but I wasn't able to take them into any terrain.

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Why not just pick up a pair of the new K2 Extreme's for around $300. As you know these are just the latest incarnation of the PE...with great old semi replica graphics

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Yeah, that would not be a bad plan at all.  I love those graphics too.  I guess there's a big grass is greener element working here.


Speaking of graphics, I kinda like the Mojo 90 waves top sheets but the older 90 and the other two are ripe for a paint job =)

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 I'd rule out the wall. It's a true park ski. Can't really go wrong with the other two.

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I'll put in a vote for the Cronus based on your criteria; it wiggles through bumps and between trees in the east, so it would work anywhere for that. Surprising edge hold on sheer ice, and really solid in crud and muck as long as you keep it on edge. Better than a Mojo 90 for edge hold, as a point of reference, so I'd bet significantly better than a PE/Extreme. 


Caveats: Moderate flex, although stiffer through most of the ski than the PE according to flex curves. If you're a big guy or a speed freak, not a top choice. Still smooth, but livelier than the K2's, so if you like damp, deduct a couple of points. Little flip rather than true twin, so if you are looking to go switch once in a while, look elsewhere. 

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Thanks for the input guys.... and thanks for correcting my spelling.  Cronus.

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Well I was all set for some Mojo 90s but they disappeared from ebay before the auction was up (with no 'buy it now' option).  Then these popped up.  Got 'em for cheap.  Bases are very nice, top sheets chipped in a few spots.


Here's the before pic =)


Thanks to all who chimed in hereThumbs Up

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you can find old Pes for less than 200 new now, I will continue to buy them.

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Yeah, I was tempted to do that but wanted to try something a bit different.  Got these w/bindings for less than 200..... well actually a little over w/shipping.

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kick ass!  how did I miss this thread?  Good buy Freaq!


Hey if you still want to pick up some Mojos, I may know a guy who's thinking about selling his 176s now that he tried his BROs.

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Ha!  Those Mojos are a bit short I think.  I'd be glad to swap boards with ya for a few runs though.  I'd like to try those Bros =)

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LOL..i bid on those..but not aggressively...enjoy em 

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I'm glad you didn't =)  I didn't get aggressive until six seconds to go.

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Nice job. Owned those. Sweet ski. Assume 180 cm?  

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

  Assume 180 cm?  


Yup.  Can't wait to get on 'em!

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