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Tuning & waxing Blades

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A firend has ask me to tune and wax her blades. I'm familiar with doing ski's and boards and just wondered if there were any gotchas with blades?


Of course then we touch on the tricky subject of why not get proper planks, especially as she is coming with our group in 2 weeks time to Alpe d'Huez

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What are the bases and edges of ski blades? With 'waxless' skis, a liquid/spray glide wax is a great option for glide and to keep snow from icing. Might also be for ski blades.

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Don't know any particular gotchas with 'blades,  just amplified general trends:


- the clamp supports have to be close together and some have to be raised so the lifters clear the worktable

- the base edge tends to get over-beveled FAST so I generally don't mess with it except to flatten the bases.

- base burn like crazy so hard wax with dry lubricant.

- make sure you scrape and brush all the surface wax off, very easy for a 'blader to go head over heels.


1/1 generally works for me, there's really no precision or finesse in the edge hookup esp. with the 80+mm waist ones.   1/3 is overkill.


Oh, yeah, there is one thing: be prepared for the 'blader to be mad at you 'coz they are too slippery and they slide out from under them in lift lines and things. 

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The bases are notoriously not flat, so make sure you check them before doing anything else. Agree with the base bevel thing - I don't usually mess with mine, either. However, I ski/board in the midwest and do keep them at 1/3. I see a dramatic difference in edge grip with the 3* side bevel.

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Ski Boards (snowlerbaldes) should be thrown away when they need wax... and replaced with real skis! 

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