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I just took a little side gig as a ski writer for a website called examiner.com. The link is   http://www.examiner.com/x-4364-Chicago-Skiing-Examiner    It's definitely more for the fun/passion for skiing than the money. Maybe if every Bear went there every single day for a page view, it MIGHT pay for dinner at McDonald's. 


But anyway, thought some of you on here might be interested in checking it out. I'll be posting 3-4 articles a week about a variety of topics during ski season. The most recent one is on the upcoming Steep and Deep Camp at Jackson Hole. I'm currently in the Chicago edition, because that's where I'm based. I do try to give a little Midwest or Chicago spin to some of the articles, but for the most part they're relevant to any skier.


This is the best, most knowledgeable on-line community of skiers that I know of, so if any of you have great story ideas or whatever, definitely leave a comment on my page. I actually have the EpicSki RSS feed on the page along with a few other feeds and links, so hopefully people will find it valuable. My page actually its own RSS feed if you really want to make me feel loved.



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Good luck with this.  I just gave you some page views   BTW, I read the Examiner everyday when I use the Wash DC subway system.  It's a more conservative paper than the Wash Post.

Ideas:  what are the best/cheapest flight connections from Chicago to various Rocky mtn resorts?  What's the best/closest western resort to drive to by car?  Any good possibilities/deals by Amtrak?  I've actually thought of driving to some Chitown suburb and catching a train to Whitefish/Big Mtn.  Is there any reason for a Chicago resident to look East for skiing?

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Good ideas. Thanks.

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