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Can we stop the FRS ads. SCAM  product

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+ 1.  That stuff is crap and bad for you. 

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On the other hand it's good for us as a community because it pays for the server usage? 


Totally agree though, that stuff is nasty! I wouldn't go near it with a 10-foot pole.

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the point being we should have some say on what advertisements we wish to carry or more importantly if we want to exclude some advertisements we should be able to.


for instance, if cialis, viagra or even enzyte ads were pumped through, we would have an issue with that and shut them down. I would be very upset if ad's for colon cleanse products or "detox" your body advertisements came through. As an outsider if I saw products like that advertised on a site it would really make me think if I want to support a site that allowed that type of advertisement.



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Another ad we can do without, IMHO

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Of  course, DC, now that you've mentioned it, I now see a Google ad at the bottom for  ... Col*n det*x products.

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Originally Posted by dchan View Post


Another ad we can do without, IMHO


OMG!  The number 79 in reverse is my favorite number!  What a babe!

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