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Bode bags out of the WC circuit.  That indeed is freaking news.


It seems that ... he pops up in San Diego as the season comes to an end, still without a win.


And this is not newsworthy.  It is a bit shocking that he is going to visit a kid that wasn't even on the radar.


Where are the mods?  .................. Man you want to censor this? ... What an idiot!

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Couple of thoughts after reading Dustyfog's post. This is news for the WC, without question. Part of it is the fact that he's got a child, and part is that a very big group of people decided it was his business and just didn't make an issue of it for over a year. I think that one your points is that he's at an age when his performance would begin to decline. Many would debate that, to say the least. For many fans, and many involved with the sport, one of the frustrating things is that Bode is at an age when he could easily be in the prime of his career, and years away from a real decline. Now the question is whether he'll return, and what impact his fatherhood may have on his career in the future.


You can argue that he's beaten himself up with all of his WC starts, and with his racing technique and tactics. He's also been hit with some tough injuries {which he and his camp have always tended to keep under wraps for longer than the norm}, such as his ankle this year. He's made more equipment changes than anybody else on the WC, and many debate if that's been good or bad. At times he appears to be in tremendous shape, after months of rigorous dryland, at others he hasn't.


One of the questions is always what drives Bode, and what makes him tick. What's his motivation? My impression is that he's always been a private and introspective person. He has always appeared to be do exactly what Bode wants. I think the original thread was based on the question as to whether the recent revelation that he's a father would further affect his skiing. He was hinting, again, of retirement before this became public news.


As a very public figure in the sport it is news. Again, my sense was that it was a simple a question as whether this would affect his career, or not? I also think that there was a natural question as to what his relationship with the child's mother is {not was}, in terms of whether they were a couple, a family in the making, etc. Again, not to pass judgment, but wondering how it might affect his future on the World Cup.


Since then, the thread has obviously morphed to the question of whether Bode is or was "the best", how do you determine the best, if he's not the best, could he be or have been with some changes to his "program" and all of that stuff. Always fun for race fans to discuss.


I don't quite see the call for the moderators on this one. Maybe it should be re-titled to "Is Bode the best?"

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Originally Posted by dustyfog View Post


This entire thread is pathetic. Actually Dismal, where the f**k are the moderators. .


This entire forum should be ashamed that this topic is up for discussion.


dusty, you ever listen to "sports talk" radio stations?  Bunch of morons arguing about college basketball or something?  Well, they enjoy that.


Here a bunch of avid skiers do the same.  It is our right to carry on as we see fit.  If it offends you, don't come lecture us, go post somewhere else.  TGR would be a good place, they need your guidance.


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