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instructor, what's in your pockets?

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What kind of "survival tools" do you carry to assist your students or yourself during the day?

- A pocket comb. Good grooming is essential! Actually, I use it to scrape off the ice that forms on the bottoms of the rental skis on days where the temprature changes.

- Cheap wax ... when half of the class stops moving (see above) you can do a quick wax job ... I hate sending someone back to the rental shop.

- Candy ... like the mini bars. With kids, it sometimes makes the tears go away and .... lots of kids get hungry and want to quit so it can buy a bit of time. Mostly it's for me, on a busy day lunch is a luxury.

- Band Aids ...
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Good question Yuki!

I carry wax, a scraper, a stone, kleenex, chapstick, several pens and a notebook, accident forms, spare wickets, a snowboard tool, an extra snowboard leash and/or cords for the same purpose, lens cloth for my goggles and glasses, a couple trail maps and "bounce back" cards (these are discount cards we give to first timers). I use a neck wallet to carry cash, minimal id and business cards. I used to carry a few racquetballs to be used for disposable reference points/ impromptu slalom course, etc. This year I'm also going to add some "tip of the day" cards.

Hmm - this is a good list to help me get set for opening day next Saturday (fingers crossed).

It usually does not take long before I'm also carrying a "wad" of lesson tickets. We're trying to reduce the number of lesson tickets this year (by printing the lesson info right on the lift ticket), so maybe we'll get fewer "Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to teach me?" jokes.

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YUKI - I actually had to think about this for a few minutes

- pen
- trail map
- Responsibility Code cards
- business cards (my name, ski school info, backside is a coupon)
- block of wax and scraper
- kleenex
- chapstick
- eye drops (damn contacts)
- fog cloth
- gum
- ID, money, credit card

I think that's everyrthing. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I carry most of what has been mentioned previously. My basic reason for carrying wrapped sweets is to preclude diabetic problems. I really had to rush around for some sugar to take care of a client in need, I learned my lesson.
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All of the above, and...
--a bright yellow highliter so some of my more goal-oriented guests of all ages can mark the trails they've skied on their trail map during lunch or breaks
--popsicle sticks for teaching visuals
--a small snow crystal magnifier as, again, a teaching aid
--extra trail maps to stuff into boots to deal with severe alignment issues
--"edgie-wedgie" tip connectors
--Spanish cheat sheets!
--an extra balaclava or neck gaiter for the occasional unprepared guest
--charcoal hand and toe warmers for same
--a couple energy bars
(good thing my uniform has plenty of pockets) [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Cash. Lots and lots of cash.
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