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Trying to find a video

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I remember seeing a video a couple of years ago and I hope you guys can help me find it.


It was a World Cup event. I think it was downhill. The skier went wide on a turn and almost ran into a wall. He managed to bounce and skii off the wall itself and I believe he made it back onto the course.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

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Yeah, just saw a replay of it on Universal Sports Network a few weeks back during the Hannenkam DH.  That was Bode Miller's (who else?) run in the 2008 Hannekam.  He took 2nd even after skiing onto the fencing. As he later said, "I was hauling ass."

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That was Bode Miller. WOW!

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This one at about 35 seconds?



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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post


This one at about 35 seconds?




That's the one.


Mama Mia... Bode Miller!

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I thought it would have been Bode, but then I thought I remember it being someone else.


Thanks guys :D

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Funny coincidence that you should ask now.


I was watching the women's World Cup DH the other day and one of the competitors almost succeeded with the same kind of move.


One of the commentators said 'she was trying to deflect off the fence like Bode Miller and get back on the course but she couldn't do it'.

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