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Volkl or Nordica Junior Ski

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For a 13 year racer, is one ski better than the other?


I am looking at buying new race skis for my son for next season (he will be 13 next season and I figure he will be about 110 lbs and stand 5'6").


He is currently skiing on the Doberman GSj (160) and SLj (150) and has had a very good season.


I've spoken with his coach and he suggested that the most important thing is to keep my son on junior race skis for 1 more season. The coach considers my son to be a balanced skier (in the middle of the finesse skier - power skier continuum).


I was planning on staying with Nordica, but I've only been able to find the Volkl's in 170.


I'm not sure if one is better than the other. So, are there any real differences in performance, etc between these skis?










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Too early to buy next seasons skis.  Too many things can happen from weight gain to burn out.


What about SL's ?

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