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Forward lean adjustment and backseat skiing

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I have a tendency to backseat ski and I think it's because I just naturally want to crouch down low.


I'm trying to concentrate on standing more upright. Question is, right now I have my boots set to maximum forward lean because I found that before I could just crouch and lean way back without any boot "feedback", but now I feel the back of the boot with my leg when I crouch which reminds me to stand and get the pressure off.


Is this the correct thinking?



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Hi Sting68,


     You should be able to stand with equal pressure on the ball and heel of your feet without pressuring the back of the calf with the upper shell,------ but it should be right there behind your calf.  If the boot pushes your calf as you extend---- you will find that on steep terrain you will have to pick up your uphill ski to initiate a new turn,because the uphill edge will be engaged and the ski won't pivot..




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There are four primary parameters affecting your fore/aft balance which need to work together to achieve your optimum neutral position.  These parameters can be adjusted or modified, by an experienced boot fitter who understands alignment protocol, to match your specific needs.  These parameters are Ramp angle created by the boot board and footbed inside your boot, Forward lean created by the boot cuff, Delta angle created by your bindings stand height differential, and the binding mount position on your skis.  Setting your forward lean to "remind" you to get the pressure off, may not be the most affective strategy. 


If you do some searching here on Epicski you will find multiple threads on this subject or you can also learn a bit more at www.snowind.com and click on boot fitting and looking around.  If you happen to ski in Tahoe area, look me up and we can get you dialed in both in the shop and on the hill.


IMO...More forward lean will have no affect on lateral edge engagement, the uphill edge will only be engaged if the hips did not move across the skis during extension to release the edges.

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I agree with Bud on the engagment mechanism but also don't equate a relationship between crouching and sitting back.  It is defintiely possible to ski in a low position without sitting back.  Ramp angle and binding delta have big parts to play in your ability to stand easily and comfortably balanced.


To little ramp in a stiff upright boot can push you back as can too much ramp.  In my experience I would say it is more common to have too much ramp or delta.



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