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Need the forum's advice: K2 Tough Luv or Lotta Luv...or the Volkl Aura?!!

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 Hello hello,


I am getting back into my skis again and wanted to get your opinion on a good all-around ski both off piste and groomed.  Since, I am looking to just get one pair for the remainder of the season I would like your opnion(s) on getting either 156 or 160s:


 K2 Tough Luv or Lotta Luv....or the Volkl Aura?  (I know there is a similar thread on this forum, however, my question is specific to skiing in the Sierras and Swiss Alps).


Heightwise, I'm 5'1". petite, like the flex but need stability.  


Thanks for your valued advice/opinion!


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I bought my wife, (4' 11", very athletic, age 52), a pair of Tough Luvs for Christmas. These were intended as a luxury for our anual trip to Colorado, not really here in the east where we live. They are 149cm. Her other skis are Volkl Super Sports, Rossi B2W, and Rossi Bandit X. Couldn't see going with the Lottas because they are basically the same dimensions as her B2s. I wanted to get her a wide-ride, but not an off piste only ski.


Most of our trip this year was on old snow at Copper and Vail. Only had 3" new each of the last two days. She reported that the skis handled very well on the groomed and hardpack. They didn't wash out on a very firm Pepi's Face at Vail. They don't have the edge-to-edge of the Volkls or the Rossis, but she was turning remarkably fast for 88mm underfoot skis. We can only imagine that they would be awesome in powder. She is going to give them a go in our spring slop conditions in the coming months.


The only downside with these skis is weight....they're heavy! I weighed them in @ 15lbs for the pair with bindings. Same as my Metron 10s!!! She said the weight doesn't bother her while skiing, only carrying them in from the car.


Hope this helps! (They look really cool too).

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My wife has the Lotta's in a 153 and really likes them.   But I would think the the tough would be more versitile.  Anyone know if it's just a soft outlaw? 



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Zoe,  each of these skis have a women's flex and are stable in off piste Sierra skiing. Haven't been to the Alps, but I picture it as off-piste as well.  Each is very popular, having their own feel & virtues depending on your skiing preference and feel. All are available for demo at various Tahoe area resorts. If you can get up to try them soon, do so as it's almost March when the demo shops start selling them off.  It is always nice to try before you decide.

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I have both the Lotta and the Tough and they are both OUTSTANDING skis for the strong skier of smaller stature. I tend to ski the Toughs all the time, though. I don't know if it's because they're marginally shorter than the Lottas, 10 mm. wider, or if it's just the way cool graphics last year. Given the right length, you'll be really happy with either ski. I've sold a lot of both models, and gotten nothing but raves about the ride.

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Thanks everyone!  I appreciate your responses!  

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The Aura is stiffer and wider than either of the K2s. It is also much livelier and lighter but has a smaller sweet spot. Both the K2s have a speed limit, so if you're a speed freak, go with the Aura. As a "petite", though, buy it the same size as a carver so it doesn't ski you.


Personally, I hated the Lotta when I demoed it.

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 hmmm...you didn't like the lotta's?......i skiied on the aura's last weekend and i liked them...but I heard great things about the luv series...so maybe the tough would be better? that's the difficult part when you are "smaller in stature"ahhahha...as someone so poetically pointed out....i'm not as strong as before, but am getting back into my groove on the mountain and having a ski that supports that is a huge plus.  


unfortunately i have not been able to demo all three of these at the same time and i just wanted to go ahead and get a pair!


thanks again for all the input!



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