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Check the cover huck on the new Skiing Magazine. They say it's Davenport, but I've got inside information that this is our Ragin Cajun on his trip to Snowmass after lessons with Squatty.
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Huck? Finn?

I saw the picture, the person definitely smelled of Tabasco and the Commander's secret sauce.
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It's a nice pic.
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how didya guess...night before my lesson with sqautty, the gang at our condo had crawfish etoufee' with beaucoup Tobasco and Tony Cacherie's creole seasoning..ca c'est bon oui...speaking of Tabasco, they're coming out with a new asian pepper Tabasco...gives sushi a whole new perpective on flavor...weems...get me a couple of more lessons then i'll give it a shot...
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We're expecting you to do it inverted next year.
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laissez les bonne temps roulez
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allez vitesse!
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Monsieur Gonzeaux;

dans votre ski au votre char "Vitesse"...une au plus?

Excuse'moi, mon french grammeur est pas bon ...
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