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Hey everyone,


First time post'er.... I'm in the market for some new gear.  Was a skiier for the first 10 years of my life, then boarded for 11... now I wanna go back to skis as I'm tired of trekkin the back-side of Louise/Canadian Rockies on my board.


I'm looking for a good all-mountain free-ride ski with emphasis on powder.

I'm set on boots (Nordica Supercharger Spark 26.5 -- have to as I have hobbit feet that are really wide) and bindings (Marker Baron - wide), but I am unsure about which ski to go with.


I'm a small guy 5'6", 155 lbs, but in fairly good shape.


I am looking at the Volkl Gotama's, but am uncertain about sizing.  I'm thinking the 168 will be good as I will want to use this in the pow as well as in trees, however I am being urged towards the 176s for my quiver....  I am also looking at the Line Elizabeths and I have tried the 166 Salomon Czars.  The Atomic Snoop Daddy's are also cool, but they aren't wide enough.  My concern is I prolly spend half a day in trees and half in open bowls


Does anyone have any other suggestions about sizing/skiis? I want a twin tipped, mid-fat that is more suited for pow, but won't die on me on the few groomers/hard stuff that will happen that day.   I am not concerned about the inevitable 'hard days', with this being my only set, as I plan to keep my baording gear for an 'out-east' type of hard-pack/cruiser/groomer day (if anyone cares, I ride an Option Redline 154 w Burton Mission bindings)


I'm thinking a width of 100-110mm should do it, but the length is the concern I have.  I'm a bit out of the skiing loop, and my thoughts would be for a normal ski, I'd want to go longer...The Czar 166s I demoed, felt great in the moguls etc., after not skiing for 11 years, however they may be too short come a real Powder day (like the 64cm I hit at Castle on wednesday.. :D)...


Can anyone guide me or offer an opinion?

At this point I am really comparing the Gotama's, Elizabeth's and the Czars, but need length help.  I want to make my final decision by the end of the weekend.


I am going to try renting a longer set of skiis for this Saturday's trip to Louise, but I'm not sure if I can find a powder-ski rental place in Calgary (if you know of a place, tell me!)..


cool thanks y'all and let me know any thoughts/opinions you have