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K2 Tough Luv or Lotta Luv vs. Volkl Aura??

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 Hello hello,


I am getting back into my skis again and wanted to get your opinion on a good all-around ski both off piste and groomed.  Since, I am looking to just get one pair for the remainder of the season I would like your opnion(s) on getting either 156 or 160s:


 K2 Tough Luv or Lotta Luv....or the Volkl Aura?  (I know there is a similar thread on this forum, however, my question is specific to skiing in the Sierras and Swiss Alps).


Heightwise, I'm 5'1". petite, like the flex but need stability.  


Thanks for your valued advice/opinion!


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I think you need to tell us more about your ability first.  Also, there is no substitute for demo'ing.


That being said, I'd pick the Aura myself.  I have yet to run into a woman who doesn't like it, even if they don't own it.  In spite of the fact that it's a powder ski it can ski ALMOST like a race ski on the groomed.  It's tons of fun in the trees and gives the user tremendous self confidence.


At race speeds, however, it will chatter.  For most skiers it's probably fine, but my daughter who raced for years, finds it unstable when she cuts loose.  In spite of that, it's now her ski of choice for a day when she wants to do it all.

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A "good all-around ski both off piste and groomed" is what you're looking for but you've listed three skis that I wouldn't say all fit that category.  How much on piste, how much off?


The Lotta Luv is a groomer ski, an all mountain ski but not an off-piste ski.  The Tough Luv is a heavy tank version of the Lotta Luv. A little better off piste but not nimble.  The Aura is a good ski, it's weakness might be the groomers but the ski rocks

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Thanks for your response.  I would probably say 60-40 or 70-30 depending on where I am (Sierras, Swiss Alps or Whistler).  Since I am just getting back into my skis and racing at the moment is not something I am thinking of...but definitely want to have something that is stable enough for me since I am not quite physically conditioned/strong as before....e.g....i"m getting lazier! :)


I demo'ed the Aura last weekend but heard good things about the K2 luv skis (tough, lotta & phat - although apparently the phat is more for powder).....and since I just wanted to get one new pair for the rest of the season I wanted to hear about the general consensus....especially for those who are using these skis on regular basis.


Thanks for your input!  All of the info is appreciated.


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Originally Posted by skierhj View Post


The Lotta Luv is a groomer ski, an all mountain ski but not an off-piste ski. 


I know this thread is old, but I stumbled across it, and in case OP is still reading it, wanted to comment on the above.


Lotta is not a groomer ski, especially at her size. At 78 in the waist it's slimmer than many of the all-mountain tanks out there, but it can do the trick in the ungroomed, which is my skiing preference.


Before I got my Auras, I used Lotta Luv for everything. I am 5'2" and generally small, and I have gotten plenty of float in powder up to knee deep on my Lottas, as well as more than adequate crud-busting and bump skiing ability. For crud and anything deeper than shin-deep, I would now pick my Auras, but honestly I think the Lotta is a well-performing all-around ski. Or at least has been for me.


I think it depends on what you like in the feel of your skis, as that's the primary difference between the two for me. Lotta is very damp and forgiving, but can hold up to skiing quite hard. Aura needs to be skied a lot harder and with better technique, but it's got a nice stiffness and *snap* to it that the K2 lacks (which certainly has something to do with its ability to hammer through the worst crud). Either can be skied frontside, and both perform in the chopped up and variable.


Just my two cents.

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My experience with the Lotta was that it got tossed around in crud quite a bit and was just ho-hum on the groomers.


For a big sweet spot and relaxed skiing mostly on the groomed, choose the Lotta.

For high powered skiing, ripping in all conditions, and stellar performance in the tough stuff, choose the Aura.

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