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Installing lifts with canting?

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 How tough is it to install, say a 5, 6, or 8mm lift on a boot and also to plane the boot sole at, say 2 degrees?  Does it create an issue with the binding interface?  When cutting the toe and heel lug to make the new binding interface distance on the boot standard, can you cut at the same angle the boot was planed? I had this done awhile back on a pair boots, and the tech cut the lug where the binding holds the boot flat, and then filled it with a black polymer that was supposed to harden (dremeled to the angle matching the boot sole planing). Unfortunately, that polymer is chipping away.  


It seems like it would be easier to cut the lugs to the same angle as the planed sole, but he didn't have this option, for whatever reason.  Can it be done? 

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depends on the boot, but in most cases if the sole has been planed the accepted way to protect that and bring the interface back is to install plates and rout at the angle of cant...some boots have hollow lugs wich makes it a little more interesting

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If the cant is still ok, and the sole relatively flat, send the boots down to the Start Haus and we can plate them and plunge router the top lug to bring your boots back to DIN norm.



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Not sure what your guy did but it doesn't sound kosher??


take Jim up on his offer!! 


realize that if you are putting an 8mm lifter on you may hit some voids in the toe lug when routering.  This isn't the end of the world as we can fill the voids with a quick setting epoxy and rerouter and it will not chip out.


The plunger router is set at the correct DIN height and with one pass the toe lug is routered parallel to the boot sole, whatever that angle is planed at.  It's not rocket science just the right tools!

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Thanks guys. I will be down in Tahoe if my I am back skiing at full strength, hopefully sometime in the next month.  I would like the cant and lifter done to my good boots: these were my old Sollie X-Wave 10's that had the lifter/cant as an experiment.  It would be great to get my Raptors set up similarly: I will be in touch.  

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