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2 Jackets,1 pr pants,1 pair gloves.

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   If anyone wants stuff..first dibs go to the most regular contributing members of this great  site. Sorry..but that is only fair to the site/members


  It will be a while before I get around to getting this stuff to you. It can stay here no problem. I just want to start dealing with some stuff now.


   I am in Toronto..so there is shipping..unless you are close.


   Jacket..tagged Women's X Large..should fit a small to med man too. I doubt a large. Solstice. Tough fabric. Zippers/pockets everywhere..vents..inluding the hood. Zip in out polar fleece that can be worn seperately. As new.


  Jacket..tagged Women's L..is a bit bigger than the one above. Columbia Titanium. As new..except the hood is mia and one of the pull tabs for the zipper is mia..just the little pull tab thinggy..zipper still works perfect.


  Pants..these are a lot better than no pants haha. Bib. Seriouslly warm. Oh that is nice. I buy new Descentes and they are so friggin' COLD! that I have to wear ANOTHER pair of insulated pants under them. Anyway I keep the Descentes and get rid of the old warm ones. These are a bit dog eared on the bottom insides near the boots..as well as the elastic is weak. They look ok for the most part. The seam in the crotch is coming/came apart a bit. Not visable. Just keep your legs unspread on the chair and you will be ok. A bit of sewing and away you go.The straps you have to knot. WARM!. Did I say they were warm. About a size..L/X Large? I wear about a 36/37 pants and about a 46/48 chest..fit me well..snug..not too tight.


  Gloves..I dunno..these may be snowboard gloves..I dunno. They are seriouslly heavy duty! I have about a medium hand and they are too small for me. I think they are Auclairs..iirc..lol..if I can even find them. I think they are on the fridge behind the dog biscuits..protected from the dog..I think they are new. I don't even know how they ended up here??? Been here long enough. No one is missing them.


  I cannot always use Epicski for whatever reasons? I don't know if the pm is working. Post..I will try and respond..or email me    Arnoldtheskier1@aol.com



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Arnoldtheskier, if the XL women's jacket is still available, I'll take that.  Thanks for your generousity!

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Hi..what a Great name!

It's yours.. Thanks!


 Please email me..



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Batgirl.. still interested? Email me. Anyone else?

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Thanks for such a great offer. If BatGirl doesn't need the XL jacket anymore, it would find a good home with my wife.

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