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2010 Watea funkiness?

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 What is with the tip and tail of these skis?   Anyone speak french?



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Saw them at Stratton, didn't get to ski them. Kinda like a hull of a boat...I guess  

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 There have been a few posts about this already, and I saw a pair at Jackson Hole last week.  It is a hull tip as Phil mentioned, to improve crud performance.  The tail is almost identical to what's on the current Watea 101.  Basically, turned up with some very minor swallow-tail shaping to it.

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Don't worry about it. If you like the current Wateas, you'll like these too. If you don't, you won't.



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I am anxious to try the new ones, as I love the current batch.  But I have to say, the hull tip looks wacky to me (like clogs or something).  If I can't detect a benefit, I'd just as soon buy an 07-09 model. 

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I recently talked to the fischer rep who sells me all my gear and he told me that these new features only enhance the wateas.  After demoing them he felt that the larger wateas, 94 and 101, are now better on groomers and the mid fat ones are now better in crud.  I can't wait to try them since I love and just bought some 84s. 

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Did he have any comments about other changes?  Any stiffer, especially in the mid-fat range (84's)? Any other performance changes to expect? I wonder what Fischer thinks the hull will do to improve crud performance?

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Those are absolutely beautiful.  I was going to pick up a pair of this year's 84's in the 184 to replace my 176's from last year but I think I will be waiting until next year now.

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Agreed.  I think the top skins look much better than this year.    


It will be interesting waxing and scraping those things with the weird keel





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The rep I talked to only sells the skis and doesn't design them.  He was telling me what he felt after skiing the new Watea's not Fischer's intentions behind these new changes.  Everything else, besides these new features mentioned, should be the same from the 08 and 09 models. 

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I got a chance to demo a pair of 84mm in 174cm this past w/e. On Eastern hard pack, it skied very much like the L8K.

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