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Intermediate Men's Skis for the East

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This is my first winter skiing but I am progressing well and I am very comfortable on blue trails and the last few times out I have ventured onto some black trails too. I bought boots (Lange Fluid) and now I want to add a pair of skis, but what to buy? I plan to ski on the East Coast only and will be staying on the groomers. I believe my skiing style is fairly aggresive and I want a ski that I can handle now and also grow into a bit as I improve (of course). Also something that can handle the bumps on occasion. Suggestions?

I was looking at the Dynastar Legend 8000 and Salomon X-Wing 8. I was also looking at the Fischer Cool Heat, but thought it may be too advanced for me.

Thanks for all/any help!

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Please help me choose skis!

my stats: male, 6ft, 200 pounds, late 20s

skill level: been out about 8 times, comfortable on all blues and some blacks.

ski area: Northeast

primary ski use: groomed trails

ski wants/uses: something that handles the groomed trails well, grips icy patches, feels stable, can handle some bumps too, and something I can handle now (as an intermediate) but that I can push too. I am a fairly aggresive skier.

some skis I am considering: Dynastar Legend 8000, Fischer Red Heat, K2 Recon or Crossfire


Thanks for all/any help!

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I merged your two threads on this.  I'm sure you will get a reply soon.

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I have heard lots of good things on the Dynastar and X-Wing.  I have not personally skied either.  I am a frequent user of Head Supershape and Superspeed as well as the lower end of Volkl AC series and would recommend them to anyone skiing mostly groomers in the east.


I am about your size and weight as well on in early 40s.  Anyway, my advice would be to demo skis and to find which pair is right for you.  Bring your boots and sample some of the skis you're interested in.  Most places this time of year will use your demo rental towards the purchase of a ski.  Now is a great time of year to get some good deals.


Good luck.

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Peter Keelty's www.realskiers.com/ $20 subscription web site has the best ski reviews I've seen.  It has helped me pick skis for myself that I really like.  Money very well spent.


The Head iXRC line or the Head iSupershape ski, 170cm, would be a very good choice.  The iXRC 600 is a fine intermediate level ski and the iXRC1100 or previous year 1200 is a higher level ski.  Fischer's RX6 or RX8 or Progressor would be very good choices.


Don't be afraid to get very good used skis or demo skis or a previous year's model.  I suggest a waist width no more than about 73mm for easier edge control, and probably 170 cm for any ski like the ones listed.  There is a lot of difference in ski feel, and a lot of individuality in skiers, so demo skis if you can.  If not, use Peter Keelty's site to find the ones that seem to fit your needs the best.


Legend 8000 is more of an all mountain ski and not my choice for your skiing.  Red Heat might be good.  Crossfire is more of the type of ski I'd choose for your skiing than the Recon, but check Peter's reviews to see how they stack up with the others mentioned.  I know a couple of guys trying to sell X-Wings and no one trying to buy them.



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Ahlwings, I'm a bit bigger and a lot older than you, and somewhat similar in ability...I've been skiing somewhat longer and am comfortable on black groomers while getting used to double blacks (mostly at Waterville Valley, NH).

I bought the '08 Red Heat 175cm and have been very pleased with it. The edge grip has been a vast improvement over my beginner skis and I am able to ski much more aggressively while still feeling secure. I usually avoid moguls, but I will say that it is a bit of a handful in those conditions...tends to feel big and heavy to me then. I tend to wonder if something like an XWing 10 would feel better on bumps, as it seemed relatively light to me (not sure if it really is). The Red Heats have allowed me to feel comfortable in moderate amounts of new snow that would have swamped me before, but they sure aren't powder skis.

I probably would have bought the Salomons if I could have found them at a price close to what I paid for the Red Heats. I didn't do any demos, went mostly by what info I could find online. I wasn't patient enough to wait for demo day on my hill, and honestly didn't see many skis in the price range I was thinking of when it did come around.

Folks here have convinced me that demoing is the best thing to do, but I'm happy to have the Red Heats.


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Originally Posted by SoftSnowGuy View Post


I suggest a waist width no more than about 73mm for easier edge control,  ... Legend 8000 is more of an all mountain ski and not my choice for your skiing. 

I agree totally here. L8K is a super ski but it's made for something other than what you like to do. You need something that is easy to go from edge to edge and can hold it's own in eastern hardpack without too much work. Any of the mid stiff carvers would work well for you.

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don't buy anything marketed as an intermediate ski. at your weight you are going to be able to handle more ski than a lighter skier.  i haven't skied the cool heats, but i doubt they would be too much ski for you. i own the fischer rx8 and they are nice, but at higher speeds the 13 meter radius is a little tight. the 175 cm length would probably be the most versatile for you. those would be a safe bet if you aren't going to demo, it seems that just about everybody likes them. forget about the rx6, you are too heavy and they don't make them any more anyway.

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The problem I see with "intermediate" skis is that once you have a semi-decent pair of skis you tend to go skiing regularly, and then you very quickly outgrow your "intermediate" ski.  By mid-season, you'll be wanting a stiffer ski. 


I've been demoing quite a few skis lately... you sound like a candidate for the RX-8... I think I was a bit light for the length I tried, but with the correct length would probably love that ski.  I really liked the Dynastar Contact Groove (as a front side carver) as well...carves very easily and is a lot of fun.

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RX8 is a great ski and very easy going.  It does like to turn though so you need to decide if you want that type of a ski.  The Fischer Progressor 7+ or 8+ might be a better option, a bit longer turn radius but still fun and lively.

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Thank you all for the replies! I ended up buying the Fischer Red Heat 09 in 170 cm last week. I have only used them once so far but so far so good.


Enjoy the rest of the season!

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