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jet fuel xbs vs. xbi

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I'm eyeballing around for deals on Nordica Jet Fuels like I rented in Utah.  From what I can tell, though, the Red xbs like I rented have been replaced with the orange xbi.  Big issue is that they don't have the xbi's in 186 length.


What's the diff between the models (I'm sure some techie can summarize nicely here :)


I happend to be on a lift at Alta with a Nordica rep who touted the newer model over the older (as they would), but now that I know they don't make the new ones in my length, I'd like to know how much difference there is.

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I don't think it matters.  Bindings are just about irrelevant as long as they hold the ski on your foot.  I would look at the price, which ought to be pretty good on these skis.  I've had my pair for 2 seasons and have no complaints with the old system.  I don't think the ski has changed except for the graphics.  Also are you sure you need the 186?  That is huge for that ski.  I know a few really big talented guys who ski on the 178 and say it's plenty of ski. 

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Yeah, that's a lotta ski.


Take a look at the Hellcat.

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it just felt so sweet on the feet.  I'm 6'5, 300 pounds, and I could dance around pretty well in them.


I finally figured out, as you've alluded to, the xbi refers to the binding...not the ski, so as long as they are the same ski, big whup.


I'd have to try a place to try the hellcats (or helldivers if that's what's replacing them) to see if the added width changes the feel for me.  Also to see if they have the stiffness


I didn't realize the red jet fuels were 07/08... so they're already out of nordica's basement. 


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jet fuel has metal, as does the hellcat.  afterburner and helldiver are same as jet fuel and hellcat with no metal.  I'd say you want metal.

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XBS is 1st gen cross balance and the plate is mounted on top of the ski.


XBI is the same plate system but is integrated into the construction of the ski.

XB = Cross Balance

S = System

I = Integrated


The the ski is the same dimensions and construction with exception for the binding interface.

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I picked up a pair of the xbs 186 on ebay (good time to use live.com cashback and an ebay coupon :) )


Things are pristine in the wrap...but figure I ought to get the bindings mounted just so I know everythings right with them.

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