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rattlesnake snow

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Okay, it's a new season in the Rockies. Spring is here, we've had heat and now we have morning glaze. Ahh, the serenity of the clatter and rattle of edges on coral reef!

Tell us your moves.

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Verrry, verrry quiet moves they are: almost sneaky.
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Move low, move high, and stay out of the middle! Or at least until it warms up. [img]tongue.gif[/img] ---Wigs :

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Ski that coral reef as if it were heavy crud. Strong inside ski to get onto an early edge. Be patient like you had a lot of resistance to forward movement and don't shove the skis around. Let the turns develop without slamming the edges. The key is patience and finishing turns.
Coral reef is one of my favorite types of snow condition. It reminds me of driving in an off road rally. I have been known to ski coral reef next to a perfectly groomed run. I prefer fairly steep gladed coral reef.
I will be out in Summit county Colorada this Friday for a week, wha hoo fun.
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I agree with all--especially nolobolono.

One other idea for me is to be aware that I will not have perfect edges and the ski will bounce and clatter all over the place. Once I accept that, I have lowered my expectations and changed my criteria for success. It then becomes easy.

One tech thought--also good on ice--buffed spring morning conditions: high edge angles, normal outside leg reach to the outside of the turn, BUT very gentle pressure loading. If you jam, the platform gives way. (What nolobolono says.)
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Like skiing on eggshells, gotta manage the pressure. Not too much, not too little... juuust right.
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Ah coral reef boy do I miss that! Strong forward movements WITH the ski. Soft verticaly movements alowing the legs to deal with constant pressure changes. A little more over your skis to better regulate pressure. Expect less but feel more.
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