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HELP !!!!!!!!!!!

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I have a pair of K2 8800's that are about 10 - 12 years old I have used the less than a dozen times well today I get them out for a weekend ski trip with my kids and BAM it looks as though one of the Skis is starting to come apart or delaminate I have read other post about delaminating but it looks like theres is just a protective clear coating comming off mine is like the black top of the ski about 1/8th thick is comming up and I see compostite under it does this sound like something that could be re epoxied ?

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Sounds like epoxying is a reasonable option (for the short run at least) so you can get out with the kids and keep the skis from getting worse.

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Yea, not a big thing, fix them if you want, but I doubt there is a difference weather you fix it or not. Just ski it.



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