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New School skis

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Has anyone tried any of the skis that some of the snow board companies are now trying to make? I say trying as i am not sure they will be much cop!


for example http://www.libtechnas.com/jibNas.html and others....


Anyone tried any of these new ones?





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Try a search. Many well-respected indies began as board companies and still are. 

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anyone else??!!

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I thought we had snow board companies to thank for all skis these days

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I skied most of last year's Australian season on a pair of Palmer P01s. They're fun skis, especially in spring snow. I bought them too long for me, but they're really soft. They're not especially precise - you feel like you're just flapping happily down the hill - and they tend to chatter a bit in the low profile tip when it's steep and the snow is less soft.


They worked better for me when I really moved forward - I mean really moved forward - so I could play around with the mount. Although I just skied a few weeks in the US on my new Kastle MX88s, and I can't see myself bothering with the Palmers - or any ski other than the Kastles - any time soon.

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