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Vibes Needed for Giselle

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First our cat Willow crosses over the Rainbow Bridge. Then my health gives out. Now, our greyhound Giselle has broken her hip. Some of you met Giselle at our condo, or at ESA Snowbird in Utah. Other have taken care of her.


Last night, she fell on some black ice in front of our condo in Dillon. Apparently, her legs went in different directions. Mark had to carry her back up the stairs. We are waiting to hear our options, but things don't look good for a 12 1/2 year old greyhound. Vibes and prayers appreciated.


Thank you!

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Already done. Good luck.

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Oh no!   My all-time favorite doggie!   She is the most loving and snuggable dog I've ever seen.


Giselle, you're in our hearts and thoughts.  Whatever happens, you'll take it with serenity and grace.   Vibes going out to you in buckets.


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LM, words fail me. I will both pray and send vibes to you and Giselle... she is, indeed, a special friend.  

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Thinking of you and Giselle. Our pets bring such meaning and love to our lives.

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I'll add some good vibes for your Giselle to the ones I'm sending out to you LM.

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Thank you! Surgery scheduled for Friday. It will be a miracle if Mark keeps his sanity through all of this. One can only care for so many people and animals before losing one's mind. Meanwhile, Mark tells me that Blackcomb is very sad. He no longer has Willow, Giselle, who he adores, is in the hospital and Mommie is in Raleigh. He needs cyber cuddles.

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Good thoughts to you all. I'm sure Mark will persevere. Love makes the burden easier.

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Best wishes for a good outcome to Giselle's surgery, Lisa. I know how it is to be attached to an old doggie.

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Best wishes for all of you.  Its not going to be an easy recovery for Giselle. You and Mark have certainly borne more than your share of the burden lately.

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Best wishes to Giselle -- if I may ask, where exactly is the fracture and what kind of surgery is planned?

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Ear rubs and chin scratches going out to Blackcomb.

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Much love and prayers for you all. Having lost my best friend in December, I can really understand and sympathize with you. Please let us know how everything goes. treasure every minute. Go ahead and serve up that fillet' and add a belly rub to that ear and chin rub.

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Best wishes!

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Thank you, everyone. Giselle went into surgery a day early, and seems to be doing okay. Apparently, due to her strong, athletic greyhound legs, the prognosis looks good. Speaking of athleticism, thank goodness Mark's a skier. His innate balance skills probably kept him from going down with her, as if we need one more disaster.


I'm glad that Mark decided to go with the surgery. Given her age, I was almost ready to give up, pretty much in the same way I've been tempted to give up on myself. Now, we need to face the finances. Ironically, our pet insurance covers Giselle better than our health insurance covers me. If any of you pet owners don't have pet insurance, believe me, it is not a waste of money.


My boss at the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance is involved with LAPS., which is an organization that provides assistance for pet medical care for pet owners in need of financial assistance. I've never applied for anything like this in my life (it's a pride thing), but for those of you who live in Summit, it's nice to know that they are around.



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Originally Posted by bbinder View Post


Best wishes to Giselle -- if I may ask, where exactly is the fracture and what kind of surgery is planned?


In case you missed it, there is a pretty detailed post by Mark in the Supporter area.  Sounds like thing are turning to a good outcome.

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Awesome! That's great, keep and eye out! I am sure you know they don't really communicate pain like we do so watch for any signs of infection, fever or bleeding. Give her a big hug from me when you can.

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I hope things start looking up for you guys and the family. Get well soon

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