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Skis to long?!

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Hey, I just bought my first pair of skis, Olin Dtsl in 170's. I'm 18, 5'8" and 150 pounds. I would consider myself a solid intermediate skier. I ski mostly groomed trails (yeah sucks to live in chicago) but i go to colorado once a year. I want to be a good mogul skier and I find I make short turns down the mountain most of the time. Everyone keeps saying you should go shorter and i'm wondering if i'm too long. However, I'm still growing a little and putting on more weight. I hope to ski a lot more and improve, do you think I should've gone with 160's??? thanx!
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I think that those are some of the last of the "straight" skis, and at you height, weight and use, the 170 would not be too long. If you become serious about skiing, you'll eventually end up on modern skis, and appropriate lengths of modern skis may vary for you depending ipon the type of skis and the use to whivh they're put.
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Forgot to add the model year, their 2002-2003. Thier not straight skis.
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I'm 18, 5'9" tall, weigh 130 pounds, and I ski a 180cm atomic betaride 9.22, and salomon xscream 10s. I am a fairly advanced skiier, spend a couple of weeks a year out west doing steeps, trees, moguls, ect.. I think 180 is just about right, wouldn't go less that 175.

yeah, the midwest sucks..

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Midwest, what are the dimensions of that ski? Seems to me that, for what you want to do, they're the right length in a shaped ski.
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The skis are still in the mail. But the website says the dimensions are 100,67,90
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