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Volkl Kuro

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I am looking at the Volkl Kuro.  I have the Katana's now and love them.  But I feel the need to test Run Kuro's.  Any thoughts from those of you that have tried them

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Check out this thread.  (Wow this new search engine is quirky!)




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I've skied the kuros for a whole season and I love them.  I think that they would make a very good powder ski to add to what you already have.  They ski all soft snow conditions well and are different enough from your katanas that not only do they satisfy a different dimension but also a slightly different style, Much tighter turn radius on edge and much more surfy in powder.  I will be on them again this year and look forward to skiing them everywhere at my home resorts Whitewater and Red Mountain.  I highly recommend them to anyone that is a higher level skier, who either has the weight to appreciate the floatation or just wants to try something new for the deep days.  To give you some context I am 6 2 and 235 pounds, expert level skier with a fluid agressive style.  I like to ski fast when it's open and I've found these skis to have no speed limit whether on groomed or even open tracked runs.  The limitations i've experienced are mostly conditions that you'd use your katanas or a carving ski for anyway which were.  Hard moguls, hard pack, ice, bumpy icy lift line aproaches.  They also need more time between each turn when moving edge to edge which can be expected from a wide ski like this.  Buy them for deep days, sun crusts, soft tracked deep snow and then test their limits.  You'll be happy.

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