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Whitefish Mountain Resort, Mont.

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Just read in Ski Magazine, it is ranked #26: Never heard of this ski resort before. The pricing is pretty low, and it's not crowded as well. I checked out the trail maps online and it seems it has some long blue runs... which is exactly what I'm looking for. Looked at the pictures as well: Some outstanding groomers! Checked the flights from Orlando, FL, and it looks like they are twice more expensive than flights to Salt Lake City or Denver. Though, I'm still curious and might be looking into it at the end of the year.

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Previous name was Big Mountain. Skiied their last year: Stayed slopeside for about the same as price as I would have to pay to be "in the village" of other resorts.  Liked the groomers, has options for some steeper power chutes close to the main runs. Nice terrain park.  Can be foggy though. There is a reason for the big floursent disks on posts down the middle of the run.

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I've posted tons of pictures over the years, but the search function to find them is pretty lacking right now.


Some of them are here.


Any questions, just PM me.

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I had a very favorable impression on my visit early Feb. 2003.  The fog is not that big a deal considering the outstanding tree skiing characteristic of the region.


But the longest vertical front side faces south.  That means it's best in January/February, not late season.

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The photos are great! It's not crowded: That's good!


So, going in March or December is not recommended?


Also, are the temperatures lower than Colorado, and Utah ski resorts... I assume they are. As much as I like uncrowded blue groomers, I have pretty poor circulation on my fingers, and if the temperature is below 20F, then even the hand-warmers aren't doing a good job.


Are the runs long?

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This winter has been so nuts, I couldn't tell you.  We just got about 8 inches of goose down powder, but I understand it's about to warm up again.  We also started late this winter, only opened in mid-December.  Historic averages say that December and January have the most snow, therefore January and February should have the best base.  In theory.  But last year we had fresh snow, lots of it, coming down on closing day. 


I don't think the temps are really any different here except maybe in early January, when you might encounter a sub-zero week.  But, once again, it's all over the map, we've had two such periods this year, especially in December we had a long period of sub-zero.  I've never found it a problem since I learned to dress right, i.e., I have a shell jacket this year that will zip in both a down underjacket and a Primaloft one.  I use BootGloves.  I wear a helmet and facemask.  I wear a fanny flap.  Frankly, once you're dressed right, it's a non-issue.  (And I sleep under a down comforter in July, so it's not that I run warm or anything.)  I have merino wool socks, merino wool long johns.  I use mittens, not gloves.  I RARELY need to add handwarmers and if I do, it's because it was colder that day than I expected so I didn't dress right.  


"There is no bad weather, only bad equipment."


There is a fun blue cruiser called Hellfire that is 3.3 miles long. Toni Matt, Big Ravine, and Inspiration are other nice cruising runs, top to bottom, not sure of the length. 


We do have fog here.  The locals head for the trees.  Those who can't handle trees should look for runs that are not too wide so that the trees are closer to where you are skiing.  The trees throw shadows that help with surface and slope definition.  You learn to avoid certain spots when it's foggy if you are subject to vertigo.  So, if you arrive on a foggy day, I'd suggest a free mountain tour with an ambassador before you find yourself reeling half way down Moe-mentum.

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