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Mount question

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I just bought a pair of Head Monster 78s with Mojo 11 bindings. When I checked after returning home, I found that the binding (the center boot point) on one of the skis was mounted 5 mm behind the center mark (of the ski). The other was mounted just at the center mark. Should I bother?





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Hello Magnus2,


5mm isn't a lot but I wouldn't go back to that shop again.  I'd call them and let them know.  They will probably claim that it won't affect how they ski, and they may be right.  Ski them and try switching skis without paying attention to which ski is mounted back.  If you can't tell then live with it.  If the shop isn't willing to give you a new pair I'm not sure it's worth getting them remounted since the new holes would be so close to the old holes.


You could also them to mount a different pair of bindings which will have a different hole pattern and ask for some money back or store credit for your troubles.

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Hi Magnus,


Thank you for your reply! I will go for your suggestions. Luckily I have the opportunity to try the skis next weekend as I am booked on a tour nortwards (I live in Gothenburg, Sweden which is pretty far from any decent places to ski).



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