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BASI L2 summer ski courses?

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Hi all,

I have just booked onto a BASI level 1 alpine instructor course in Andorra at the end of March 2009.  I am now trying to find out about what options I have for a level 2 course in the summer so I can complete both and be able to teach in Europe this coming winter 2009.

I have heard rumours of a summer course in Italy on a glacier but cant find any information on the internet about this as yet. The BASI course in Italy listed on their website is in December rather than in summer.

BASI do run a L2 course in Austria at the end of July but this may well be booked up by the time I complete my level 1 as its already half full!

Any info would be much appreciated.


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There is a terrific program at Treble Cone in New Zealand.  It's called The Rookie Academy (www.rookieacademy.com).  The pass rate for candidates training there (the exam is administered there as well) is nearly 100%.  Great coaches and atmosphere.  Highly recommended.

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Thanks for the reply Mike, I have emailed them to see if they can offer the BASI level 2 this summer.

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 Hi tmagee 


Great to see you may be joining the Rookie Academy, My name is Dean Hunter and I co-run the Academy.


Hi Mike, great to see you passing on our information... I'm back in Colorado 13th April, lets plan on a beer 


tmagee if you have any questions please get back to me



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July 2009





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