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Salomon Impact 10 too stiff?

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Just purchased impact 10's this year. Have 25 days on them so far. The foot fit is correct and very comfortable. My problem is that I have skinny calves. I now have the top two buckles cranked all the way over to prevent any ankle movement up top. Skiing three days in a row causes a lot of pain on the shin and calf. My main problem is when the buckles are cranked all the way over, I'm struggling flexing the boot. Can I soften the flex or am I better off purchasing a softer flexing boot? I am a strong aggressive skiier at 195lb's level 8.

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on the impact 10 there are 2 bolts at the back of the boot just either side of the spine, remove these and it will soften the flex a little...see if you like that, the boot can be cut a bit to soften it further if required, but based on your stats it doesn't sound too stiff

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Hi nikonfme,


Another problem which you might not have addressed is that with skinny calves you COM will be to far to the rear---try moving forward by adding an additional spoiler behind your liner---also move the spoiler up that is in the boot.  This will move your knee forward and pull your hip with it.  I to have skinny calves and this works for me--I ski in Doberman 130s and once I had achieved the proper position the boot wasn't to stiff --- in fact I loved the response provided by the stiffer boot.  I am 5' 11" and weigh 175lbs.




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Thank you to both that responded. I never even thought about COM.............I also like the response provided by a stiff boot. I will move the spoilers up AND try removing the two bolts. I think that I have a pair of extra spoilers from my old X-Wave 9's

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How long is your shell?  What bindings are you using?  Could also be a delta angle issue?



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My shell size is 27.5 and is 318mm. I have many pairs of skis so can't even go there.  I just added some of those rubber fillers (not sure what they are called) that you put between the liner and the shell on the upper back this morning. I'm not all of the way over to the last buckle and the boot is flexing better. I guess one thing at a time?

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More forward lean may or may not be the answer depending on your ankle ROM.  You may need to change your delta angle created by your bindings, which is why I asked the questions.  If you have multiple pairs of skis with various bindings on them, you undoubtedly have a variety of deltas and will find you are more balanced on some skis than others.  There are four parameters that need assessed and optimized and a protocol for doing it.  Skip it, and you are throwing darts.

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