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WTB: Versatile Carving ski 160-165cm

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To replace a set of stolen Dynastar Contact 9s (see "lock your skis" thread)....looking for something similar in 160-165cm length with a turn radius of no more than 14m.


By versatile carving ski... I mean something that does well on hard pack/ice blue/black slopes, but is versatile enough to not be a handful in moguls, bumps, crud, small jumps, light powder, etc... and can be skied with ease at slow speed on the greens when skiing with beginners (I'd say I'm level 6 or so...looking to improve though).  Basically...an eastern 1-ski quiver.  Another pair from the Dynastar Contact line would be ideal...or perhaps a Fischer Rx-6/Rx-8....or even a Head Supershape.  I'm open to suggestions... I'm currently demoing different skis, but haven't found one that I like as much as the Contact 9s.  There are still a lot of skis I've yet to try though.  I just don't feel like shelling out the $600+ for a brand new set at the moment.


I'm in Canada, and unfortunately the exchange rate is currently such that I would pay about 1.3x any USD price...plus the shipping/customs issues... :(


I'm not in a big rush - going to keep demoing, and if I can't find any deals before the end of the season (April), I'll see what I can get at the spring/summer sales.  I just wanted to see if there was anything out there at the moment...or if people have suggestions.

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I have a pair of 07 Rossignol Z9's in a 162 that would be perfect for you.


They have the integrated Axial 2 120 bindings on them and are in great shape, with some minor scratches to bases and topsheets, but no core shots.  


These skis are 126-74-105 and make a 13m radius in the 162.


I could do the skis and bindings together for $400 shipped.


Here's the company's  description:


The Rossignol Zenith Z9 Oversize w/Rossignol Axial 2 120 Ti was designed for 100% of the mountain. High-speed skiers who want the quickness of a carving ski and the versatility & of a freeride ski. The Z9 will make turns from short to long with no problem. The Zenith Z9 has undergone a slight change for the 2007 season. The difference is the new TPI Binding system. Virtually the same, but with a slight increase in pressure to the edges. The new Rossignol Oversize on the Zenith Z9 gives these skis a spectacular sidecut for increased power. This new profile enhances power while a wider width underfoot facilitates control. The result of this on the Rossignol Zenith Z9 Oversize is greater on-snow agility in a variety of conditions. These skis come with the Rossignol Axial 2 120Ti Integral Binding. This is one of the top Rossignol bindings on the market and has a DIN of up to 12. Another great feature about this binding is that it is a Ti binding so it keeps it lightweight for effortless turn initiation. Features: - Rossignol Oversize - VAS/Metal Insert - Titanium H shape/Fiberglass - R7200 Graphite Base - Twin Pulsion - Rossignol Axial 120 Ti Binding '07 Rossignol Zenith Z9 Oversize TPI Skis w/Axial 120 Ti Bindings Dimensions: 


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hey im a little biased but im pretty sure this is the ski you want


head monster im 77 with bindings 299



also we love canadians here


edit: i just realized the turning radius of these is a little longer than 14m

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I got some 170 Head GS skis with tyrolia bindings on em.  Love the skis but no need for em.  Will sell for a good price if intrested, they are in perfect shape.  used under 20 days on the course.  PM me if intrested

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